The Wonderful Unplanned Key To Isolation Activities

As you should be doing (apart from wildly varying and confusing instructions from the government), I’m staying home. If you’re not staying home, go read a different blog. No, really. Shoo. Go away. I’m waiting.


Ok, now that those assholes have gone, I wanted to share with you my wonderful and unplanned key to activities you can do in isolation.


The Wonderful Unplanned Key To Isolation Activities



The first part of this is stress. You see, avoiding shops is wise given how high risk this household is. But I don’t eat fruit and veggies from supermarkets becuase ewwwwwwwwwwwwww. So it’s time to stress about how you get veggies. 



The next step is finding a veggie store that will pick your order and put it in your boot for you. Contactless FTW.



The most important step is to realise they gave you too much spinach. The too much is reached when it’s twice the size of your already large head.



And that’s really about it. Just eat only spinach for the rest of all time. 

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