Randoms 23

Randoms 23

If you don’t still play with the colander when you do the dishes, I’m not sure we can be friends.


Randoms 23


Randoms 23


I’ve decided I’m a renovations expert. You can read why: “Hmmm. Knock out that wall and paint the room white”. BOOM. Reno AND design expert. (Anyone else find those shows on tv a fucking snore for their lack of creativity?)


It baffles me when people ask “permission” in groups to do something on their blog. I mean…it’s your blog. Do it. 


Sigh. Blogging hasn’t died. But every time someone claims it has, a butterfly dies. 


It bothers me that health and beauty is one combined category on facebook marketplace. And that beauty is only things you can be sold to add to/smear on/etc your body.


Any lamp can be a table lamp if it tries hard enough.


Don’t read books on writing. They’re boring and written in the least creative manner. You’ll get more value out of writing than reading about writing.


I am absolutely exhausted by doctors. I nearly cried after trying a new GP who actually listened to me. I adore my physio though and she’s one of few things keeping me going.


I will one day edit and publish the rest of my books in the Secret Ingredient Of series. But editing is too hard right now so they’ll happen some other day.




As an aside, I’m exhausted and not coping. I had health issues last week which sucked and shouldn’t have been anywhere near as hard as it was, and now my dog is sick and struggling to eat, possibly due to her neck cyst, which is challenging to manage with type 1 diabetes. Her BSL has had wild fluctuations and we have to coax her to eat, constantly check her bsl and tweak her insulin dosage. Taking her back for her third vet visit this morning. Someone give me a break before all I can do is curl into a ball and cry. I have slept but it doesn’t feel like I’ve had rest in nearly a week.

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  1. I was nodding at your randoms and then I reached your last paragraph. I know that there’s nothing I can say that will help, except to say that I truly hope you and your pooch get a break healthwise. My heart hurts for you. And, as an aside, this is exactly why blogging isn’t dead.

  2. Today as I comment, I have just seen the news that your dear Vala has died. What a beautiful and loving relationship you and B have had with her. I am so very sorry, Vanessa. Life this year has totally sucked for you…. sending my love and warmest wishes.

    Denyse xx

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