Plastic Cups

Plastic Cups

Why are they only for children? My kitchenware is all plastic. Well, the plates and the cups are. I just prefer them that way. Plus when I hurt my wrist it made it easier to carry the food around because they were lighter than ceramic plates.


But the plastic cups are the item that really bothers me. You see, they seem to only for children. And tiny. I like to drink a lot. As in liquids that keep you hydrated. But because plastic cups are deemed by the retail godless to be children only, most are really small.


I scored about a year ago… maybe a year ago? Ok, I don’t really pay a lot of attention to when I buy cups, I just know I hate the options. Anyway, on this day I didn’t hate the options available to me because for once they were a decent size; they could hold chugs instead of sips.


SCORE. Bought them for something like $3 and was happily using them. It looked like one or two were getting a bit stained from use and I was thinking NOOO I HAVE TO START MY SEARCH FOR THE IMPOSSIBLE PRODUCT ALL OVER AGAIN. Because of course who expects to find a product they like AND have the store keep it in stock in perpetuity. Especially since I’d bought it from the unreliable hellhole that’s currently going under known as Target.


I try to avoid shops as much as possible because ew the squeeze of humans, but I decided to go past one day when I had unintentionally parked near the Target entry. SCORE. They still had the cups.


That’s all really, there’s no particular moral or lesson. I just wanted to celebrate my plastic cups with you.


Plastic Cups

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  1. LOL, I love that you love plastic cups. My hubby likes them too. Although his are more “tourist” cups. We have a heap of Philadelphia Eagles cups, plus some with Vegas all over them. I actually don’t like the taste of the plastic – I prefer glass.
    I did manage to pick up some gorgeous TALL adult sized plastic cups from KMart about 6 months ago. They are see through with big green tropical leaves all over them. I’ve got them i our bar. Right next to the smaller kid sized ones 😉

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      Ah ha, that must be Kmart’s trick – make them look like the small ones so I skip over them 😉

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