In N Out

I tried to go out. But people were everywhere. As someone who has had to “nine to five” her whole life, school, uni, jobs… it baffles me that people are “allowed” out during the day. And yes, it really does feel like allowed. Because when your introduction to those hours is the powerless environment of school, and then the hours never really change throughout your life, then the first lesson is what sticks. That someone else decided those are the appropriate hours for life working stuffs.

In N Out

Even though I know it’s not true, it mentally says to me that things like the post office are bizarre. If “everyone” is working nine to five, how can anyone ever go to the post office when it’s open? Same goes for banks. And yet when I walked past a bank today, there was a queue out the door. Actually a nice socially distanced queue too – haven’t seen one of those in a while.


But this day. It was a rare nice day as we headed in to summer. There was a cool breeze. The shade was nice. No air con needed.


And yet the people weren’t where the nice was, they were crammed into malls. Car parks full. How? Why? What are they even doing in there? Why do you want to spend time in a place where things are crammy and squishy and recycled air, when you could be spacious with real air and for free? Don’t they know what it’s like to be stuck in an office all your life, breathing recycled air? I mean, in 2020 we’ve certainly learned that recycled air is literally a health risk with covid, and then people just cram into gross places when they could be in nice places. Weird.


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