Retail Screaming

Retail Screaming

You’d think I mean people screaming at retail assistants. I mean, that shouldn’t happen, but I assume it does. Particularly as I’m writing this blog post as a draft, towards the end of November 2020. Because Xmas.


But I mean more that retail screams at you, seemingly as a way to welcome you or to lure you in. I’ve been told that’s the aim. Loudness = attention = you going in and spending (or rushing a decision to buy as it’s up-tempo and it makes you faster).


Only it doesn’t work.


My brain can’t process the loud noise in a hallway between shops, so I left instead of buying things, as I couldn’t process.


I parked outside a store while Ben was going in to buy an item, and they have the radio blasting loudly outside the store, so loudly that even when you roll all the windows up, you could still hear it.


You don’t get my attention that way, you overwhelm me so I leave, and you get less.


I feel like the theory behind all this stuff is equally yelly, that if you disagree or it doesn’t work on you, that they (the people who believe in this business rule nonsense) want to yell at you for breaking the rules for it not working on you.


Retail Screaming

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