Randoms 28

Randoms 28

Some people don’t know that aviation is a special interest of mine. I find air crash reports relaxing to read. I can explain that another time.


I can be in the middle of typing or talking and all the ideas fall out of my skull, gone forever. You probably see me do this most on Instagram stories, where I just completely forget what I’m talking about. This also happened to me in an old job, I would say something about a topic we were brainstorming on and my boss would say “I love that wording, say it again so I can write it down” and then of course I had literally no idea what I had said.


It was hard to decide if I should keep on with NaNo this year after the allegations of incompetent behaviour surrounding at under aged kids. Last year was going to be my last NaNo but I needed the sense of personal achievement this year given what a fucking dumpster fire 2023 has been, and the community during Nov is great. I’m tired of everything turning to shit. I feel like there’s nothing to ethically support anymore.


I haven’t been taking much meaningful action in Normal Systems this year. I kick myself for it a little bit but at the same time I know I’ve had other things to deal with. When I picked up full time work temporarily, I started feeling much more *myself* (hey, not being under the poverty line reduces stress, whodathunk it?) and feeling more myself let me think more on the business. I had been keeping some basics ticking along and finally felt like I could a) keep up with the basics and b) start expanding.


It’s the whip-pan for your emotions. The blackout episode of Rosehaven, the prisoner episode of Avenue 5… they all do the same thing to you, take you along a fun ride where there is just the right amount of wonder, joy, and twists to keep you laughing.


Can I please just buy my media? I’m a big rewatcher (rereader, relistener) of things and there are a few shows I’ve been wanting to watch. But you literally cannot buy them. It’s frustrating. I don’t want to spend $15 for a month of streaming to watch one show. I’d rather buy the disc. It’s expensive to pay $15 every time you want to rewatch a show. I also don’t like digital downloads as it locks you to a platform/requires you to stream from a device. I like my media simple and effective, which a disc is.


The boiling days of summer have arrived. I love having giant windows, until it’s the time of day when the sun is streaming in through those windows. The blackout curtains do a reasonable job in reducing the heat, but it’s still a lot. I feel like lots of products just weren’t made for Australia.


And on a related tangent, “there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing” is such a cold climate thing to say. When it’s cold you can put on clothes to manage the weather. When it’s hot you can only strip off so much. And even if nudity was socially acceptable, it’s a burn risk! And I hated this phrase before I gained heat intolerance as a complication of my health. Now I hate it even more. I overheat so badly now at mild summer temperatures. Air con bill incoming… going to cry when I get that I reckon.


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Randoms 28

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