Job + family time = no!

I don’t want to hate on my job or the culture of big businesses, but the other day at work I heard something that made me ┬áboth sad & happy.


Someone made a reference to the time they fired a great employee just because he would leave on time – he thought his family time, seeing his kids before bed, spending time with them, was more important than work.


I felt sick. I don’t have kids, and currently have no plans to have them. But if I don’t get to spend a few hours a day with my husband, I start to feel depressed.


I generally really like & respected the person who said this to me, which increased the shock. I didn’t really reply to him, as there was nothing I could say about firing someone for that reason that would have been a nice thing to say!


But it made me happy, knowing that at my fairly young age, I’ve worked out that I’m not meant to be an employee. I am one right now, yes, but that is merely for bills & necessities. I do my work, I do it well, then I go home on time 99% of the time.


I can’t imagine having this trapped feeling all day long in a job, for years on end, not knowing what that niggling “off” feeling is. That simple off hand comment by a colleague made me feel grateful that I have a plan for my life.


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