Yesterday afternoon I went to my friends house for an Intimo party. If you haven’t heard of Intimo, it’s basically Tupperware for bras (& great clothing). It is a party plan company, but it’s nothing like Tupperware in that pressurised sales attitude – every Intimo consultant I’ve met will respect your “no thank you” the first time you say it. I like that about them.

I heard about Intimo through a friend about a year ago & ended up on their website. I’m not a girly girl & so I gravitated towards their clothing pages – I have always wanted to buy a wardrobe of great basics. I don’t own much Intimo clothing, but I love every piece I’ve tried on.

But yesterday I had my first bra fitting in my life. Yes, until now I’ve just grabbed a range of bras in Target & tried them on until I found one that was ok.

It’s weird to wear a good bra. Not bad, just strange. As I was told, the apex of your bust should be at the mid point of your arm-elbow. Wearing my $15 Target bra, it really wasn’t!!

The consultant measured me & picked a bra up for me to try on. It was one of their basic bras – a 3/4 cup everyday support bra. I thought it looked huge & bulky.

I put the bra on, the consultant adjusted it a little & I looked in the mirror – I not only had my bust at the correct height, but everything was so much more in proportion & normal looking!

My new bra should arrive in the post this Friday, so I’m looking forward to wearing it next weekend & seeing what it’s like.

I only wish I had a bit more cash to buy more bras – Intimo bras are not cheap at all – but the immediate comfort was well worth it in my view!

(This is not a sponsored post – this is a review based on my opinions as an independent purchaser of Intimo products.)

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