Practical health

I wish medicine had the answers for practical questions. But I think when it doesn’t have answers it means society is broken in that area & is not working for our bodies.

I commute to a day job for now. It’s not what I like – either the commuting or the job! But I’m working my way “out” of that.

In the meantime, I try my hardest to eat well & exercise.

Today I’m trying to work out breakfast. I used to always eat at home, but I would be eating so fast it just made me sick. I could get up earlier – but I already get up 2 hours before I start work & 1.5 hours of that is spent commuting, so I just don’t want to get up earlier.

If I’m particularly lazy I will get subway for breakfast & load it with salads (or as many as they will let me – I’ve found some staff get crabby at salads on breakfast).

Most of the time I make breakfast at work & eat it at my desk while I’m doing the morning clear out of my inbox. This works pretty well, so long as I have done a little bit of organizing & have food at work or brought from home.

But halfway to work, I get hungry. And since I have a long commute that I don’t like at the best of times, being hungry just makes me cranky.

I tried having something like an Up & Go at home, then “real” food at work, but even a liquid drink made me feel sick when I drank it fast.

I did find a tip on Pinterest recently on quick breakfasts – so I think I will try them out & repin it if they work.

What are your breakfast tips?

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