I’ve mentioned before that I have two businesses that I’m trying to get off the ground. A photography one and a consulting one.


I have a lot more things I would like to do.


I would like to write a book about the past 18 months of our lives. In fact, I’ve already started this based on personal journal entries.


I have a range of handbags I would like to get made. Still debating fabric, but I think leather. Would like to have an Eco & possibly vegan friendly range too…

Like this one I bought on sale recently… only by me!

I’m debating an art range online. Managing bulky postage seems like a hassle which is the thing putting me off right now, even though I have a lot of the necessary items to do the pieces the way I want.


I sometimes wish I didn’t have a cushy (boring) job that coveres expenses, because if I didn’t have that, I would be forced to get all these things going. After all, isn’t that how all those rags to riches stories work? People rising above it all when they have nothing?


Patience is a virtue I need to learn.


My dreams go beyond all of these business items… The day before ANZAC day this year, I had a detailed dream about a resort. The next day I went to the beach & sketched a design for it. It would be expensive to build but very unique in its set up & use. Of course I don’t exactly have the multi-millions I would need to build this.


Is it normal to have dreams about business plans?


People say to focus on one business at a time – entrepreneurs often have too many ideas & never actually start running a business. Possibly that’s where I’m at right now. But I am also going to invest in myself & my future by noting down my ideas – like getting a sketch of my resort done, even if it will be a long time until I can build one.


I do this investment of time because I see how good creative people work – musicians keep a tape recorder by their bedside, a writer usually a notebook.


I’m applying creative principles to my life in business, because who says business can’t be creative?!

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  1. Sounds like you have heaps of great ideas! I’m also constantly thinking of new ideas and new ways to do things!

    1. Now I just need time to develop them all!!

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