The Stock Shop

I used to post my grocery shopping on here pretty often. It all started with my very tight budget post when I was working part time and struggling financially. Then I did it regularly, sometimes along with photos of the meals I had made. But I stopped, partially out of laziness and partially because what […]

Imagined Value

I feel like society is big on imagined value.   I remember when the rental I lived in at uni was being sold. It was an old, shitty house (though not all that bad for a uni student-affordable house, but honestly, shit) and the real estate agent was trying to convince people to buy it […]

Randoms 3

Things click when you listen to podcasts sometimes. In this episode there was some talk about photography (and as you may or may not know, I’m a photographer who doesn’t share my photos online. Anyway, a realisation about how I mentally frame things and what my favourite lens is reminded me of a realisation I […]

Chemist Budget Tips

Chemist Budget Tips

Calling around to a number of chemists before you buy a prescription can save you heaps. Recently, making three phone calls saved me $5 on antibiotics for my sinus infection. There was no negotiating or anything, it was just calling the three chemists I knew would be open at 4pm on a Saturday & asking what their price […]

Homebrand vs Select Brand

Paracetamol Price at Woolies

Homebrand vs Select Brand   Granted, I don’t shop much at Woolies any more, for a number of reasons, but earlier tonight we dropped by because we were out of paracetamol. Generic is our preferred option for drugs of any kind; we’ve never had a reason to need a specific brand. I know some people […]