And this is why I don’t mess up my sleeping patterns.


Holy moley the last few days (weeks?) have been sucky. Sleeping but not feeling like I slept. Sleeping well and waking up feeling like I could do it all again for another 12 straight hours.


The basic attempts to function (eat food, go to work) are taking up all my energy for now. Ugh, food. I’m so bored with food. It’s so plain eating on a minimal budget and I’ve taken to eating fast just so I’m over and done with it sooner.


2014 has been strange so far. I’ve struggled to keep taking the actions I’ve wanted to, whether it be blogging or other areas.


I mean, how is it freaking JUNE already? Halfway through the year and I still think it;s 2013. Maybe because 2014 isn’t treating me any better. JUNE, people!


ProBlogger is less than three months away.


Less than three months to try and save the money to stay at the Gold Coast for a few nights. Ha! Saving…what is that? I have a week until I get paid and $8 left in my bank account. (If I can’t save enough for my room at QT then I’m going to ask a friend who lives down there if I can crash on her couch. Or maybe I’ll scavenge enough together for a private hostel room. One thing I’ve learned in years of conference & convention going is that the experience is very diluted if you don’t stay in the same hotel though.)
Part time work makes it so hard to make ends meet. I still love the ‘time off’ each week. The last few years have been so damn busy & stressful that I’ve needed this. I am looking to go to full time as soon as possible, but I think my brain and body will appreciate the break from full time in the long run.


See, this is why I don’t mess with my sleeping patterns: it makes me produce nonsensical blog posts like this one.


Are you as freaked out as I am that it’s JUNE?! Will I see you at ProBlogger?


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  1. I am over June already!! I hope you get some sleep soon, sleep deprivation is the worst!!

    1. I forced myself back into my pattern!

  2. Yes you will see me at PB, the benefits of living on the GC! Maybe see if someone wants to share a room or something?? Detoxing, tired, blah x Em – also visiting as part of #teamIBOT

    1. We’ve seriously been considering moving to GC for the very mature reason of being closer to theme parks lol.

  3. I’m still stuck in 2013 as well. I still write it in the date…

    As for it being June – as every year goes by, I feel like it’s happening quicker and quicker. Not sure how to slow it down.

    1. It really does go faster…blink and it’s June, rub your eyes and it’ll be December.

  4. Sorry to hear about your sleep and food situation my dear. That IS sucky 🙁 At the rate this year is going, I probably won’t be at PBE but hey, you never know!
    I’m with you on the June 2014 thing. Winter, omg. Where did my lovely autumn days go? Are we going to see Xmas stuff out soon?? God I hope not. Not at least until September when I’m ready for it.

    1. I bet mince pies will be in the shops soon!

  5. This year has been a bit crap for me too! Yes, you will most definitely see me at Problogger. I can’t wait!

    1. I can imagine with the things you’ve had on! Hope you’re getting better xx

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