Sunday Blog Prompt Jan #1

Welcome to my weekly post of blog prompts. If you’re a personal or general blogger, sometimes you hit a wall & have no idea what to write about. I know there are plenty of topic generators on the internet – I’ve used them from time to time myself!


So why am I creating my own lists? Well, sometimes the blog topic generators just spit out pure nonsense. That’s what computers do when they don’t understand context. But mostly I want to have a list of positive or inspiring topics. Let’s face it, when the world is flowing around you and getting you down, it’s probably also at the same time as you having writer’s block of some kind. It’s also the best time to stop and think about what is good. It may even help pull you out of a funk.


These prompts are just a bunch of things that come out of my head. Some may make sense. It’s highly likely that many won’t make sense!


You can interpret these in any way you like. Maybe you’ll write a story. Maybe it’ll inspire you to think of something completely unrelated. That’s fine! Of course, if you want to link back to this post if you use a prompt, I’ll send you virtual hugs, but it’s by no means a rule 🙂


I’ll be posting this every Sunday, so I hope you find some use in these topics!

  • What you love most about the internet.
  • Have you ever had a Christmas in July party?
  • Non chocolate easter.
  • Favourite animal.
  • Describe your favourite pair of shoes.
  • Funkiest dance move.
  • Best sport you’ve tried.
  • What would your act be in a circus?
  • Funniest filing category.
  • Wackiest Christmas Present.

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