Freedom is why I want to work for myself full time.


Today, I showed up dutifully on time at my day job. Due to me being in the middle of three different contracts right now, things had gotten mixed up and long story short, I only had internet and email access. No databases, nothing I needed to do my job.


I sat at my desk from 8am to 11am. I checked my email. I chatted to my husband online. I read blogs. I did the two offline tasks possible in my job. I arranged for my access to be fixed. All by 9.30am. By 11am, I was bored out of my mind. So I left.


I’m sure that was a┬árebellious┬áthing to do in a large, conservative company. Oh well.


I got home, had lunch, did some errands and got stuck into business work. When that did my head in (I’m not a marketing/sales etc person and that’s what I needed to work on) I went outside and chased my dog in circles around the yard. Wow. That is great therapy. Those small moments of freedom & play (and I guess exercise) refreshed me and I’m now ready to eat dinner & get more work done.


I caught of glimpse of the freedom of my future life today, and it’s great.

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