Business of Blogging

This is a short collection of thoughts and notes I made while following the ProBlogger Event 2012 hash tag on Twitter.


While I’ve called it the Business of Blogging, it applies to many other things as well!



Giving away your services for free means that people don’t respect you. But I think everyone needs to learn this lesson in person. Help a family member or friend, feel the lack of respect & appreciation and you will learn the lesson so much faster & never go back on it. Sometimes mistakes teach us faster than reading.




Networking costs money. That wasn’t mentioned at pbevent but you have to consider it an investment in yourself. If you can’t do it this year, write down all the places, conferences etc that you couldn’t go to and give yourself a year to save up for it. I couldn’t go to the ProBlogger Event in 2012 and  this year it is on my absolute to-do list! I started thinking of other things I wish I had been able to do this year & I now have a list of goals for this year.




Social media is powerful and developing a business strategy with it is critical if you use it for your blog/business – but don’t let that overtake using it to show YOURSELF and being SOCIAL.




Do you  have any best practise tips for Twitter?

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