Selling Yourself

I was chatting to a colleague the other month and I mentioned I had submitted an article to a magazine. They asked what it’s about. I stumbled. I had no idea. It’s a magazine… I dunno…. Crap, I  need a description. But not a wankery description. My brain scrambled to read their website and think of the terms they used. It failed.  I ended up with “human interest”. A horrible, main stream media word.


From this I realised I have no idea how to sell myself. I hate sales. I have no problem with self confidence but I fall down when it comes to expecting others to understand and assess my background well so that they can see my value, rather than me showing it to them.



Can you sell? Do you have an ‘elevator pitch’?

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  1. I don’t have an elevator pitch, but I can sell myself professionally ie. in a work environment. But blog-wise? No way. I don’t really want to right now so have not even thought about it!

    1. Yeah, work-wise I’m fine, but blog or business I get a little like “Oh it’s about this (insert barely relevant & crappy description). OOh, you just don’t GET IT! Go read it yourself”

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