Learning from afar

Can’t go to a conference? Don’t sulk.


Make sure you follow the blogs of everyone who is going. Follow them on twitter.


Ask live questions while the conference is going on, because that’s when people are inspired to learn and share. But do be mindful that they may simply not have the time to reply.


Get a list of the presenters and keynote speakers from the conference website and follow their websites, businesses and blogs.


Make notes. Make implementation ideas & analysis for your notes AS YOU GO ALONG.


I can’t stress that part enough! The ideas are often gone as soon as you have them, replaced by the next bit of knowledge you’re soaking up. Write it down, even if it’s stupidly obvious.


Share your ideas when you’ve blogged them. Share using the event hash tag. Ping the event organiser – you may not have attended, but if you’re sharing you’re giving value. Who knows, they may retweet or share your blog post of ideas.


Do you have any tips for getting the most out of a conference you’re following on Twitter?


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  1. You can also learn through conversations via skype or similar platforms. Learning remotely is equally beneficial and productive to those who are self directed, and has the motivation as professional adults.

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