How do you read blogs?

With the announcement this week that Google Reader is closing down, twitter seems to have been trading tips & tools on how to follow blogs.

And I feel a bit left out.

This is how I read blog posts: I see the link to a post on twitter, I click it.

Yep, technical.

Even when I do subscribe to someone’s site, I rarely read the new blog post emails. Usually because I hate seeing unread emails & I check emails most often when I’m commuting or at work, which means I don’t have the time to read & comment on posts.

Oddly enough, I do always read newsletters though. I guess since the content isn’t available on the website.

I’m sure I miss a lot of blog posts by only reading them when (if) I see the link on twitter.

If I was to go to a reader of some kind, my requirements would be:

  • Free
    Cross platform
    Supports multiple blogs for commenting options
    Clean & simple interface that supports the site’s design

Does this exist?

How do you find blogs to read?

2 Replies to “How do you read blogs?”

  1. I use Reader – though I only sit down about once or twice a week with it. Through the week, I click twitter or FB links to get to specific blog posts by bloggers I follow. Or any that catch my eye 🙂
    Today I’ve been trialling Feedly on both iOS app and PC. I’m liking it – it’s much more dynamic, clean and modern-feeling than Reader, though the navigation is taking some getting used to! It imported all my Reader feeds, but I’m worried the ones I’ve subscribed to via Google Connect might disappear??

    1. I guess the Google links depend if it feeds back to a Google database for the links, or if it just copies the links. I’ll have a look at Feedly, thanks. I’m always missing peoples blog posts!

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