Introducing: Bright Monday!

If you’re anything like me, Mondayitis can hit pretty hard & fast.


The weekend is over! It went too fast!


Already I’m back to the working & commuting grind :(


Years ago I was working in a different job that I really didn’t like. After I left the job, I caught up with a colleague who noticed I had a bright yellow t-shirt on. She said it was lovely to see me wearing colours again! Apparently as I’d become less in love with my job, I had taken to wearing all black – without even noticing!


So, because I can’t quite quit my job (yet!), I decided to try & inject some brightness into Monday!


Here’s some tips to get you started:


Plan an outfit Sunday at bedtime.
If you have a uniform, make it a bright bag instead of clothing item.
If you’re highly corporate, consider that your colour could be a bright set of underwear.


Snap a photo & share it on twitter with the hash tag #BrightMonday


Of course, the photo is optional if you choose the underwear option!


Don’t forget to look through the #BrightMonday hash tags for inspiration.


Today, I’m wearing a bright jade green tunic:



3 Replies to “Introducing: Bright Monday!”

  1. I’m in! I love bright colours…just wore a tangerine coloured dress to work today. Days when I wear a black or grey dress, I try to brighten with a red blazer….

    1. Jackets are a great way to throw colour in!

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