I spent all my lotto winnings

I did it! On Saturday I managed to spend all my lotto winnings.


I found a bag that sits up decently (enough) on it’s own, has great handles, dividers that will double as laptop protectors, good zips & pockets.

Love the braided handles

Love the braided handles


Funky sides & cute pockets on the front

Funky sides & cute pockets on the front

Biggest test passed - fits my MacBook Air!!

Biggest test passed – fits my MacBook Air!!

Loving this bag. It has two magnetic pockets at the back and front – perfect for laptop and/or iPad to be on their own for  protection. The middle part (where the sunglasses case is in the picture above) zips up.  It’s a two-strap bag, which isn’t usually me, but I love the braided handles to spread out the weight of the bag. Nothing worse than a heavy bag when the handles dig into your shoulder and/or bra strap.


It was originally $74.99, but Strandbags have 25% off for mothers day, which took it down to $56.24. So, after you take away my $42.15 lotto win, the bag cost me $14.09 (or c$21 if you include the $7ish I spent on the lotto ticket)!! My kinda bargain.


This is the bag if you want to check it out for yourself. The only thing I’d like to change so far is to have it be real leather. But leather is out of my budget! I was tossing up between this and the black one, which had subtle but very nice contrasting stitching. I chose the colour just to be bright though.


What do you like in a bag? Are you as picky as me?



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  1. I’m super fussy with bags, and I have chucked one for being a “bad bag.” It lost one of my favourite lipsticks. I’ve been trying to maintain a one at a time rule, but my Dad knowing that I’m a bag-girl has gifted me a few in the past. The last one was so pretty, but highly un-functional. I call it “the weekender.” so it’s cosmetic palettes are very rich, or supervibrant, designated a bit OTT for work. There’s no room for my laptop, but my Windows Phone is suffient for weekend needs. Each bag has it’s staples: Business cards, note-pads, pens, painkillers, and there’s usually a snack section (gum, muffin bars, protein snacks.) I’m also pretty rough on my gear, so it’s not unusual for me to need a new bag every two or so years.

    1. I’m actually kind of surprised I found one I liked this fast.

  2. Love the bag. Especially the colour – bright for the win! And it’s a tote. Tick tick tick.

    1. It was the result of hours of searching 🙂 I’m pretty happy too!

  3. Winning!! Love it. What a gorgeous choice. How are those lipglosses going?

    1. Lipglosses are going well – I’ve only tried them at home but I think I like the bright one best 🙂

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