The Lotto Win

So, if you follow me on twitter, you may have seen a tweet the other week exclaiming that I had won in the $40 million lotto.

See, I won!

See, I won!

And I did!

I won an entire $42.15!

I rarely enter the lotto, maybe 2-3 times a year, and only ever have scratchies when they come inside a birthday card, so to win at all is great.

And to win $42.15 – woo!

I’m happy with that :)

I’ve spent the time since deciding what to spend my lotto winnings on.

The coins are lost in my wallet among other coins, but the $40 is set aside so that it doesn’t get spent on something boring, like toilet paper.

I’ve been mulling about what to spend it on. I did want an orange dress & blue blazer I found in Kmart, but couldn’t find my size anywhere & got tired of calling stores to see if they had it in stock.

And then I realised. It’s been years since I was at uni, and I need a good day bag. One that will hold a laptop and/or iPad, notebook, pens, chargers, camera, snack, wallet, tissues/hayfever drugs etc and a waterbottle. I always have a waterbottle. Habit of living in the humid subtropics.

The bag needs good dividers to make it easy to find things. It needs to not flop to the ground and lose shape under a chair, yet not be so rigid that it’s awkward. It needs to be easy to hold while eating or drinking one handed.

Most importantly, it needs a good strap. It needs to feel fairly light, even when it’s full.

And it needs to be $42.15 or less.

I’m thinking I will start out by looking for second hand designer nappy bags. These usually have good padding (for laptop space) and a dedicated water bottle place (or two). I prefer one-handle/strap bags but will use two if need be. I like longer handles so it can sit on my shoulder & not be in my armpit!

Plus, the designer ones tend to look like actual handbags.

I found a great Nine West nappy bag on Gumtree the other year, but the person only wanted local buyers :( I saved the photos they had on the ad cos I liked the bag that much!!

Nine West bag

Nine West bag

Nine West Bag

Nine West Bag


Nine West Bag

Nine West Bag

Nine West Bag

Nine West Bag

My next search is going to be around carry on handbags for flights. They might also fit the criteria.

I’m very picky with my handbags, as you can no doubt tell by my list of requirements.

Do you have any tips for a great day bag? Where would you start searching for one?

5 Replies to “The Lotto Win”

  1. I got a back pack from Smiggle last week and it’s great. It has a tone of pockets and a special pocket in the main area for laptops.

    1. Ooh see this is why I love blogging! I would have never thought of Smiggle! Thanks 🙂

      1. Try Typo as well.

        1. I find I like typo’s bags but they feel a bit to weak & don’t have quite the right pockets for me. Like I said, I’m absurdly picky on bags!

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