Adventure Recap Episode 5 – Swinging

I’m full  of contradictions. I don’t like things that swing. But I like swings and flying foxes. 


I don’t mind be flipped upside down on rides, or flying facefirst at the ground. But I don’t like it when the ride stops and you’re swinging, and you may or may not go upside down. The Wipeout at Dreamworld is a classic example of this. 


So on Sunday morning we were having a breakfast BBQ at the beach for Mother’s Day. After all the food was cooked & eaten, I was encouraged to get into the hammock. I got in it and kept still and was fine.


Naturally that’s wasn’t good enough for everyone else so any time someone walked past me, they swung me. Only it’s not just the hammock that moves, the steel frame actually rocks a bit too, and it makes you feel like you’re falling out. Or to me it does. 


And the louder I told them not to swing it, the more they swung me. Family, hey? 


Suddenly, I got used to it. I even started wiggling around in it and getting it to swing myself.


It’s funny what you can do when you suddenly get the feel for the safe boundaries of something.  

Clearly I got used to it

Clearly I got used to it

 I guess my next challenge is to try the Wipeout again next time I go to Dreamworld. 


Have you overcome any fears recently? Did it turn out to be as hard as you expected?

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