Wednesday Food Post – Bacon & Pine Nut Stroganoff

I’ve been obsessed with pine nuts for quite a few months now, but rarely get to use them in cooking because they’re just so expensive.

And then I found them for about $4/packet in Woolies (around half price) and for once there were some still on the shelf!! Haha, not for long! I may have bought around 7 packets. I love a discount.

So the other night I wanted something spag-bol-ish but not plain. I dug through the cupboards & found a flavour packet mix for beef stroganoff. Looked good!

I never follow a recipe so I started cooking some minced beef, threw a ton of veggies and cooked some fettuccine. I found some bacon in the freezer, so chopped the fat off & oven baked it. (Always do the oven baking first, it can take 30+ mins.)

I threw it all in the same pan, added the packet mix sauce, a cup of water and half a cup of coconut cream. It thickened really fast and once it had mixed through well, it was ready to eat, so I topped it with some pine nuts for crunch (and because I love them).


I don’t use recipes or measure meat, veggies or pasta. I know visually what quantities we eat – it also depends how hungry you are & what veggies/meat you have on hand!

Tell me about the last “throw together” meal you had that you loved.

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