Wednesday food post – What to do?!

It’s no secret that I both work an office job & wish I didn’t work an office job. But, until either rent & bills go away or I win the $60 million lotto tomorrow, I have to face facts & show up to work every weekday.

I get very restless sitting still every day & usually wander around outside at lunchtime. Even if it’s just to a nearby park for fresh air!

But my need to get out at lunchtime means that my lunch needs to be portable. Which means that it’s usually a plain sandwich, lovingly but hurriedly slapped together by my husband that morning while I’m running around trying to remember if I put pants on.

And sandwiches can be great. They really can be. Plus I love peanut butter. Especially Kraft crunchy peanut butter. But that doesn’t mean I want to eat it day in, day out.

The other option is leftovers. Yum.


They are nice and far more nutritious than a peanut butter sandwich. But they tie me to the office with heating & eating. Sure, I could heat it at work & take it out, but it’s just plain hard to eat spag bol on a park bench. I can barely keep food off myself while eating at a table.

For me these days it’s either/or until I can work out how to balance my need for fresh air with my need for food.

How do you manage to balance your exercise & healthy eating during a work day?

(And yes, I’m writing this on my iPhone, in the kitchen at work, on my lunch break, while eating the meal in the photo above. I love technology!)

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