Memory song

Do you have a “memory song”? A song that instantly brings up memories or transports you to another time or place?


I’ve had occasional ones from time to time, but the strongest one for me is Have You Ever Seen The Rain by CCR. It was played in the last episode of Stargate SG-1. Being someone who watched the show from a teenager though to adult, went to conventions, met actors & beat an entire London convention hall in trivia, it’s a formative show for me.

So when you get to the last episode of a decade of tv, it’s emotional! I won’t get into the fan type debates of season 8 vs 10 as a “real” finale but regardless of all that, when you’re engrossed in an episode but also know you’re edging towards that 42 minute mark when regularly scheduled episodes end forever…. Well, it’s a powerful time to play a well known piece of music (especially for a show that only had instrumental music normally). Those feelings of loss, anticipation & happiness are immediately brought up for me when I hear this song.

Tell me about your memory song!

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  1. Mine is John Farnham’s Burn for You. Gives me goosebumps. My friend & I have been to see him so many times & that song brings back so many happy memories

  2. “Ingrid and the Footman” by Canadian singer songwriter Jane Siberry… because, ummm, I saw it on “Rock Arena” lying in bed in the arms of my lover after I just lost my virginity… brings back VERY vivid memories:

    1. I’ll have to watch the clip later, not a song I’ve heard of. I was expecting most people to say wedding songs or similar, but yes I can understand this being a special occasion 🙂

  3. I never knew you were a Stargate fan!
    Oh I have so many memory songs! But the strongest is one from the Millenium New Years’ Eve… J-Lo’s ‘Waiting for Tonight’. for some reason it was REALLY popular at the time and I’ll always associate it will being in Sydney for the 2000 fireworks.
    Others… “Hey Ya” by Outkast, the soundtrack my last NZ trip. So sick of it now!
    Hmmm… also certain Brad Paisley songs remind me of cruising around in my husband’s truck wehn we were dating…

    1. Yep, huge Stargate fan 🙂 Just not much to talk about on the blog with the show long over, unfortunately!

      New Years eve 2000 – that’s a huge one to have been in Sydney for – what was that like?

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