A Bat Story

26YaC: A Bat Story

At 2.45am on Tuesday 24th we were woken up by a giant racket outside. My dog get seizures so we ran outside to see what was going on & make sure she was ok.

26YaC: A Bat Story

She had somehow caught a damn bat!

So then began the fun of trying to convince her to drop the bat. And brains don’t work too well at 2.45am (well mine doesn’t) so we were trying to throw treats at her head to get her to drop the bat but she was ignoring them. So for some reason I rattled a bag of frozen fish at her, which did nothing.

Then Ben had the smart idea of getting her tinned dog meat from the fridge so we started flicking that at her head to distract her. And she still ignored it.

Luckily my dog gets locked into the carport overnight so she couldn’t run away with it. If she had been able to get into the backyard, there would have been no hope of stopping her from eating it!

Then we started throwing her treats into the house to encourage her to drop the bat and run after the treats. I panicked and thought the dead bat would end up smeared throughout the house so I ran around and closed all the doors I could.

We tried a few times and she dashed in for the food and out before we could grab her. And then we tried a trail of treats to lead her into the house, but she’s smart and worked out that we were trying to trick her and ran back to the bat.

In the end we lucked out and Ben threw a treat in the house when I was just out of sight of the door, she though it was safe and she darted in to get it – so I managed to grab her by the scruff and Ben slammed the door shut.

Then I had to get her water because she had bat bits not going down and Ben had to scrape up the bat and put it in the bin.

You know how they say that you have to discipline dogs as soon as they do something wrong because they have bad memories? That is SO not true. She was quietly slinking around for days afterwards because she knew she was in trouble.

What’s the last bad/dog/crazy thing your pets have done?

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