Work is not a place to be happy

I’m clawing up the walls.


Life is just a bit hard right now and I’m struggling through it. The good news is that I’ve been there before and I know it does get better. I just need to ride out the bad for a little while.


I’m trying to pick my mood up by listening to music today at work. I appreciate that I’m lucky I have relative freedom at work to do such things. But while it is making me feel better, it’s also making me feel really better – I want to go run, bike, walk, write, create, be challenged. Basically it’s working. But work is not the place to be happy. Because, for me, being happy means being out and about, not at a desk.


It’s hard right now to find the balance between self care and obligations. How do you manage this?

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  1. One day at a time babe. I’m having a particularly bad week too. I’m doing all the things I normally prescribe for work-related shittiness ie. get more sleep, eat right, treat yourself kindly, take awesome treats to work, read a good book… but nothing is working at the moment.
    I reeeeeaaaalllly want to get out of town for the weekend but as we’re going away next one it doesn’t make sense. Oh well. One day to go , then weekend!

    1. The faster the weekend comes, the easier it does make it!

  2. I spent the day baking. One of the boys is hosting a masterchef bonfire. I think it’s a great idea. Simple, but we all get a feed and to be a little competitive.

    1. That’s a good idea – and bonfires make everything more fun!

  3. With a child and two jobs (well I count paid writing after hours a job) I take pleasure in the littlest things like pretend shopping, having a coffee solo out and about, or write, mow the lawn, and exercise.

    Work outside the home can be happy if the people you work with make it a happy place. What I do is this:: find a work buddy whom in the real world you’d be happy to be friends with and invite to do things friends do. I have a buddy, we eat lunch together every day and we listen to each other’s personal ups and downs.

    1. Having complained about work, I should say we do often joke around and have good chats at work, but I’ve never really felt the need to know anyone I’ve worked with outside of work. Perhaps because I’ve rarely ever worked with people my own age.

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