The Creativity of Spam: LaughLink

I feel bad when I just hit the ’empty spam’ button on my blog. I feel like I should check for comments that the spam filter has incorrectly marked as spam, but I’m a bit lazy when it comes to reading gibberish.


So I thought I would mock spammers by posting a selection of the hundreds of spam comments I delete daily.

funny spam comments
I’m elegant!! Wooo!!!! And I have ticks?


funny funny spam
I think I combined someone’s heart with feedburner…



funny spam comments 2014
This shoe (WHAT SHOE!?) will be used in their marriage. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!



spam may 2014
If you’re willing to buy tea in a can, I’m not willing to let you care if it’s as good as regular tea…


more spam
My blog helps you breathe? I don’t think I want that pressure on me.


What’s the strangest spam comment you’ve received? 
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23 Replies to “The Creativity of Spam: LaughLink”

  1. Thank you for posting these. Having never received a spam comment, I have no idea what they are. What?! And now I still have no idea?! What?!

    1. Haha be thankful, it’s one less thing to do every day if you don’t have to delete spam 🙂

  2. The Tunnel’s blog used to be heavily spammed – but exclusively from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The spam comments were more inane than yours (e.g. “Aacounting and payroll. I can be good for you.”)

    Maybe because we never responded to the bad-spelling accountants, they gave up. We have barely had a spam comment in the last six months. You are obviously far more attractive than us.

    And I don’t know about tea in a can but the coffee you get in a can in Japan is definitely an acquired taste. Urgh!

    1. Clearly, it must be my superior random blogging that attracts the spammers to me! I’ve seen coffee (and soup and hot choc) in a can here but would never be brave enough to try it.

  3. I love the ones that are half-comprehensible and then just devolve into gibberish. It’s like “you had me going there for a second you crafty spammer! kudos!”. I get tons daily, but blogger is good at catching them. I don’t even read them any more but they’re along the same lines as yours – praise about how GREAT your blog is! I like that for a cheap ego boost lol.

    1. I bet that’s why they do it! “You’re awesome, buy this fake bag!”

  4. Oh I know. Most of my spam makes no sense at all… the stuff I hate is the stuff that starts off like the real thing – with someone describing my genius… before launching into absolutely twaddle! Bastards!

    1. Clearly they were hit on the head halfway through, because the first part is always right!

  5. I love me some spam reading, but like you I get too much, eg about 6000 every two days, it’s redick! But some can be quite flattering, best just to soak up the compliments I reckon 🙂

    1. Oh wow, I don’t get that many!

  6. I get a bit of spam but not too much. Most of it is stubby holders because obviously being a tradie I drink beer and would want to buy a heap of stubby holders. I’ve also had dating website ones too. The funniest one told me I had nice ‘pipes’.

    1. Haha one stubby holder for every beer everyone has ever had 🙂

  7. Spam can certainly be hilarious. I think I like the shoe one the best. Thanks for the giggles!

    1. Inflated legs, wedding nights, that spam comment had it all!

  8. LOL! Brilliant. I once got a spam comment under the post about when PT Barnum died in my ceiling, asking me for cooking tips. Ummm…

    1. Right…cooking tips? For spam cooking?

  9. Lol…I can’t believe you had the patience to go through that. I’m starting to get really annoyed with Akismet as I keep getting spam comments to moderate…I’ve stopped reading them for now but yeah, they used to usually have stuff like what you’ve mentioned!

    1. Haha I only looked at the first page & took them all from there.

  10. The marriage! HAHA! Oh god, the funniest. I get some ridiculous comments (as do we all). It’s pretty funny getting ‘this post changed my life, everyone should read it’ comments on my post about the tax deductibility of garden gnomes. Every. Day. It’s the most read post on my site EVER.

    1. Well that is a pretty cool topic haha, if not cool then unique!

  11. Hilarious! When I first started blogging I thought some of them were real. Wow, you love my blog. You are going to bookmark it? You are going to tell your friends? Sweet. Then I got about a hundred more just the same and realised it was dodgy.

  12. I cringe when I say this … something about big ladies undies :/

  13. Hahahaha! I love checking out my spam folder too! They make my day sometimes. I know, pathetic. LOL

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