Lake Love

Dowse Lagoon Viewing Platform Sandgate Queensland

I am VERY into lakes recently.


I know, spoiled much?! As I wrote about when I was taking about my dream home, I already live by the beach and want to keep it that way.


But lakes are mysterious to me. They have romance, intrigue. They’re not a normal thing to me. They are for the unknown people. People I know nothing about. I don’t really have many lakes near me; not ones that fit my mental image.


Sure, there’s the “lakes” housing estate that’s 15min drive away:

North Lakes Housing Estate Lake Queensland Australia
Photo taken from the bird watching platform.


There’s a dam/lake system sort of nearby:

Whiteside Qld
Photo credit: Google Streetview


And one that kind of just smells stagnant all the time:

Dowse Lagoon Sandgate Queensland


Dowse Lagoon Viewing Platform Sandgate Queensland


But none of these have that magical quality. Those thick trees. That winding boardwalk that looks stunning in golden hour sunlight. I know the Australian bush scrub can be gorgeous, but I think my mind is set to be very American when it comes to my lake expectations. The only lake photos I’ve ever seen that approach what I am selfishly calling ‘pretty lakes’ are ones from yTravelBlog’s Instagram feed earlier this year:




So, tell me, where in Australia/South East Queensland can I get beautiful lakes?


Also, did you know I have a travel blog, Suitcase Scribbles? I don’t get to travel much, so it’s rarely updated, but it is there!!


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  1. Been out to Lake Sampsonvale near me? Various picnic spots around it, quite pretty 🙂 also where I went to scrapbooking camp at Lake Perseverence is quite nice, as is Lake Somerset, Wivenhoe and Cressbrook out that way. All the result of dams and quite a drive but hey.
    But I know what you mean- lakes are tranquil and nice 🙂

    1. Last time I tried to go there, my issues with steep hills came out and I had a minor melt down. I haven’t been brave enough to go back!

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