So Many Goals

So many goals

A while back, someone in the blogging community was talking about websites & hosting. I chimed in with my two cents, saying that I host three sites via Xman/Kelly/Swish and one is hosted on Weebly. They were amazed I could run so many sites! The thing is, most of then aren’t hugely utilised, so it’s not a big challenge.

So many goals


I wondered who else actually knew, and decided to blog about it. Naturally! Amongst the other parts of my life right now, these are my online activities:


This Blog: Well duh, this is where you’re reading this. This is my blog. I’ve sometimes felt pressured to find a niche, but my niche really just is the crap that comes out of my head. I like lots of things. I talk about lots of things. Deal with it, world! The best part about it is the name – everyone always thinks I’m still 26 because they ignore the “and counting” part. Muhahaha. It’s all part of my evil plan to…well, blog random stuff. Hmm. That doesn’t feel quite evil enough. (For the record, I turn 29 later this year.)


My Travel Blog, Suitcase Scribbles: Rarely used, because travel has been a near impossibility these last few years. Having said that, I see travel as a more of a mindset/lifestyle than jetting off to places a lot. You can explore your suburb just as much as you can explore a foreign city. I did start a posting schedule for Suitcase Scribbles but it kind of fell of the path a little. Must kick my butt to get it back in gear! I’ve wondered sometimes if I should just combine the travel stuff into this blog (since I talk about anything here anyway) but I like the idea of it being separate for the future. And I still love the name too much to give it up.


My Life Coaching Business, Chalet Life Coaching: This is a business I started because I realised how far I’ve come over the past few years of working on myself and how I think I could help others in this area. It’s a business I plan to be flexible to let me work around what ever other work obligations I have. For example, I’m about to do a free release of worksheets and products that will end up as paid items on the site (low cost, because I sure know what it feels like to not have much to spend on things you want). I don’t necessarily want to be a life coach full time, I feel part time suits me much better in this area, but in general it’s an area where I’ve got a lot of ideas about trying new things and ranges of products and services. Life coaching is a hard one because it’s an unregulated industry, and I like to study. I’m not opposed to doing a formal qualification but I haven’t liked the the look of any courses I’ve come across so far (quite frankly most seem to border on selling not educating). So for now I’m self educating on the topic – and the fact I haven’t done a formal course on life coaching is clearly stated on my website for any potential clients.


My Future Career, Vivid Ambition: There are so many things I would love to do with Vivid Ambition! I have described it as “Creative Careers” but I also want it to relate to research in the next year or so. I’m looking at a great Masters program that allows me to get a grounding in creative industries, study communications and build my own research topic on applied anthropology/business/creative careers, possibly relating to blogging and social media. I have an eCourse in development too. The hardest thing with Vivid Ambition is not rushing things. I love it so much already that I want to be a few years ahead of where I am now. I have to keep reminding myself that this one is a marathon! I’m in the process of initial reading into what academic papers exist in my areas of interest now (even though I probably won’t be starting my thesis formally until the start of 2016) and I think I will start collecting some of these more academic thoughts on Vivid Ambition.


What are your online, career or general goals?


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  1. Wow you have so many projects on the go. I have two websites. My Plumbette blog and Styled by bec and I find I spend more time on the Plumbette, than my styling site. At the moment I find it hard to devote time to both while being a mum to a baby and toddlers but the long term goal is to work on both sites and make an income while my girls go to school.

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      It sounds like a lot. But most are posting weekly (or less) so it’s not really all that huge in the end… 🙂
      I’m not surprised you’re struggling for time with a newborn and littlies! But I’m sure it will all develop over time too. That’s why I have so many, the time it takes to build!

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