All Puffed Up

All Puffed Up

I’m currently all puffy faced. Not from exercising, but from random pain that struck me down from lunch time yesterday. It quickly got worse despite ibuprofen and I ducked out to see my GP. He couldn’t see an infection but felt that a gland was swollen and gave me a prescription for a strong paracetamol/codeine comb drug.



All Puffed Up


A nurse friend also warned me that this was exactly how her shingles started recently. Eek! I’m totally ignoring that as a possibility right now. I figure if I don’t think about it, then it can’t happen. Because that’s totally how medicine works.


Naturally last night I was all woozy and drugged so I watched Pirates of the Caribbean on TV & wondered how many night scene skies I could make into pants. (Yeah, I don’t know how that works either. Strong drugs, what can I say?)


This morning I decided that to celebrate my new found puffiness I would make music!


All Shook Up is now All Puffed Up


And then I couldn’t think of any others! 

Do you have any I could add?


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  1. Oh love – I hope you’re feeling better! My mum had shingles a few years ago, it was the worst. I’ll have all my fingers crossed it passes quickly!

    1. I’ve only needed ibuprofen today, nothing strong, so hopefully it was just my body telling me to slow down! Thanks 🙂

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