Sheer Incompetence: Laugh Link

Sheer Incompetence Laugh Link

Today for Laugh Link I figured I would just let you laugh at me. Recently I’ve discovered exactly how incompetent I am at general day to day living. Specifically, at getting dressed appropriately.

Sheer Incompetence Laugh Link

I had just gotten into my car this morning when I noticed this:

sheer incompetence shirt sleeve


Sheer incompetence Laugh Link

Yep, once again I managed to put clothes on inside out.


Thankfully it’s only a light cardigan/wrap, so once I had finished driving I could quickly take it off and put it on correctly, thus keeping up the image of being a fully functioning adult.


Then I got on my train & noticed I still had my old shoes on. These shoes are about to fall apart, the decorative buckle on them has come loose and jangles when I walk, making me sound like I’m anxious for Christmas to arrive.


These shoes were worn to the beach on the weekend and probably still have sand in them. Voluntary decorating of the office today??


The worst part is that this isn’t a once-off incompetence: on the last morning of my stay at the QT hotel, I wore inside out clothing down to the breakfast buffet. Where fashion bloggers would be around!!


sheer incompetence QT Hotel Laugh Link


I guess there’s nothing left to do but to call myself a fashion thought leader and declare that inside out clothing is THE hottest trend for the 2014-2015 summer.


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16 Replies to “Sheer Incompetence: Laugh Link”

  1. Hehe. You are a funny one. I’ve accidentally worn two odd shoes hastily retrieved from the floor of my car into the supermarket. I wondered why I was walking funny til I looked down.

    1. Haha were they different heights?

  2. You just wait – there’ll be funky young hipsters wearing their clothes inside out any day now. There’ll probably even be a whole issue of Frankie devoted to it. And in the cover article, a young designer will say, “I was at a blogging conference at the Gold Coast and I saw this woman wearing her clothes inside out…”

    1. Ooh, maybe the trend will be clothes inside out with pancakes or some other breakfast food pattern on them.

  3. A lot of people are sharing Mrs Woog’s #comfywomfy thing today. I haven’t bothered as I have to admit I almost always only dress for comfort. I’m fortunate in where I work now I can wear anything and then I also work from home, so I mostly get about in soft pants (which ‘may’ be pyjama pants), old grotty tshirts and an old sweatshirt. And thongs on my feet when I need to leave home.

    I’ve actually become quite feral! (Although brush my teeth and brush my hair. Sometimes.)

    1. I did see that #comfywomfy but that’s my natural state (and something I will be blogging about soon) so it’s not really a movement for me!

  4. Oh yes, I have done this before! I’ve also forgotten to take tags off. Yes, I wear new clothes sometimes without washing them first. Don’t judge me. Okay, judge away……You’re right, lets make this THE new look! Yay, I’m finally fashionable!

    1. You’re supposed to wash new clothes before wearing them? I usually leave shopping until the last minute before something breaks because of how much I don’t like shopping, so I generally have to wear it straight away.

  5. Totally man, once is a mistake. Twice, you just made fashion history. You are so on-trend right now.

    1. I’m getting “Hansel, he’s so hot right now” vibes haha

  6. Ok I admit it, I had a little laugh at you. But this from a woman who on more than one occasion has left the house for work wearing socks with thongs!

    1. Now that’s a Qld trend haha

  7. Oh to only do that once or twice – luxury I say, sheer luxary

    1. Well, these are just the times I have a photographic record of 🙂

  8. At least you noticed in the car I got all the way to the supermarket with my shirt inside out and then a friend saw me and told me!!

    1. Oh man, if you’re that far into your day, it must be a deliberate fashion choice? 🙂

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