Mundane Non-Stories: Laugh Link

Mundane Non-Stories

Public transport is a treasure trove of stories. Which is good when you’re a blogger.


Today I woke up too early and decided to go to work earlier – that way I finish earlier. Score, I know.


Sitting on the train, I heard some fellow passengers talking about their weekend. Only, well, it was really boring. One story ended with “then I filled up with fuel”.

Mundane Non-Stories

I started listening at that point, thinking maybe something funny had happened, or they had forgotten their wallet or something. Nope. It was just like they were listing the things they did on the weekend and passing it off as a story to their friend.


Inspired by this, I thought I would try my hand at it…

  • I sat in a chair.
  • Clothes went in the washing machine.
  • Birds were in my backyard.
  • I looked at things in shops.


What mundane thing did you do this weekend?


The Laugh Link members are:

Emily from Have a Laugh on Me | Kimberley from Melbourne Mum | Alison from Talking Frankly | Vanessa from 26 Years and Counting (aka me!)

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27 Replies to “Mundane Non-Stories: Laugh Link”

  1. Lay in bed. Wasted time on social media. Ate. Drank. Got fatter.

    1. Ooh yes, that got fatter one: I keep eating cheese and olives!

  2. Fed my baby, slept when I could, cleaned the toilet. 🙂

    1. Cleaning the toilet is always an exciting weekend 🙂

    1. Wine and Thai food is a pretty awesome combination though!

      1. It is 🙂 I think I might do it again this week!

  3. Got a tattoo. Ate dinner at an awesome restaurant. Saw Wicked. Went to a pub and drank cocktails, danced, made merry. Had darling harbourside brunch. Got crawled all over mid-hangover by two small children. Shopped. Sat at the park. Counted down to bedtime.

    For a change I actually did something interesting this weekend. Usually it’s just the last 3 on that list! Dontcha hate it when the people you’re eavesdropping on are boring!

    1. Haha good weekend! And I know, people are so inconsiderate to have boring conversations on a Monday morning 🙂

  4. I spent time at my desk. Went to yoga. Went to brunch. Spent more time at my desk. Bathed. Went to my mum’s. Binge-watched ‘True Detective’ on DVD. Slept. Breakfasted with my mum. Slept. Returned to my place. Spent time at my desk. Slept. Bathed. Went out to dinner. Watched TV. Slept. The End.


    1. Nothing like a good binge watch of dvds 🙂 No ads!!

  5. Everything. I. Did. Was. Mundane. Sad. Face.

    1. Doh 🙁

  6. Wow I just read what Ky got up to and I feel SO old and boring! Mine was slightly more interesting than yours, saw snow, got drunk and got super pissed off at my MIL! But I didn’t say squat!

    1. Snow is fun! I haven’t been in snow in the longest time 🙂

  7. For once in my life, I did not have a boring weekend. Any other time you would have asked however… :p

    1. That just means you can brag now 🙂

  8. Gave my kids their medicine. Gave them an icy pole. Repeat for the whole weekend. Awesome. And I’m with you – my daily commute is often hilarious and inspirational. I can’t imagine why people choose to drive to work…:)

    1. The lack of people sneezing and coughing on you is nice in a car haha

    1. Ooh happy birthday!!

  9. I actually can’t remember.. That’s how incredibly exciting it was! Actually, wait, I worked. And I ate a pie. And some icecream. From dairy bell. 🙂

    1. Pie!! 🙂

  10. Drank too much. Got hungover. Avoided budgeting. Sat around the house. Ignored the kids!

    1. Kids are self-sufficient, right? 🙂

  11. Got up. De-linted belly button of fluff. Can’t remember … it was all downhill from there

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      Yowzr, downhill from there!? 😉

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