Dumb Disclaimers: Laugh Link

Dumb Disclaimers: Laugh Link

The other week I posted on my Facebook Page that I was watching a children’s toy advertisement on TV and couldn’t believe they had to have a disclaimer that the toy did not breathe fire in real life. Just in case you WANTED a toy for your child that breathed fire.


Dumb Disclaimers: Laugh Link


But there is one disclaimer that has been bugging me for a long time. Could someone please, please explain to me what the fuck “mild themes” means?


My theory of what a “mild theme” may mean:

Movies are so bloody boring these days that viewers will be startled beyond belief if there is a plot.


What dumb disclaimer is like fingernails down a blackboard to you?


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16 Replies to “Dumb Disclaimers: Laugh Link”

  1. For me it’s those on foodstuffs. Like on peanut butter: this food may contain peanuts. That sort of thing!


    1. Haha I nearly wrote that in the post when I was thinking of it!

  2. It’s the strange ones that make me laugh. Like the ones where you just know that SOMEBODY MUST HAVE TRIED THAT in order for it to become a required label. Like “do not eat” on silica packets, or “not for internal use” on something like Dencorub… :p

    1. The ones that should be removed to allow for survival of the fittest? 😉

  3. The introduction to “Rage” on ABC usually has a pageful of disclaimers – horror, violence, sex, satanism – but no “mild themes”. I’m surprised anyone is allowed to watch it.

    1. I think maybe the South Park disclaimer is the best, “shouldn’t be viewed by anyone”.

  4. The warning on my coffee that it will be hot. I’d frigging hope so!

    1. Haha yep that’s a good one!

  5. I like the old classics, like “Don’t throw your hair dryer into the bathtub”.

    1. Which should come with its own disclaimer: unless you’re in a horror movie.

  6. I’ve just realised that I’ve become completely desensitised to disclaimers … “No bloggers were hurt in the writing of this comment.”

    1. Haha maybe that should be the motto for blogger conferences!

  7. I love all the stupid disclaimers on stuff, they make me feel so intelligent! x

    1. Oh, nice perspective 🙂

  8. Not strictly a disclaimer but I once bough a family size pack of M&M that had an arrow on it saying ‘re-seal here’ – totally confused me, why the hell would you want to re-seal them??

    1. Haha “share packs” that are bought to pig out on?

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