What I Loved: Books, Beaches & Shopping

Car Odometer

I’m going to come right out and say it: somehow, despite only working two and a half days this week, it felt longer than all the five day weeks I’ve done recently. I haven’t worked out how that’s possible yet, but I know it’s true. This week was all about books, beaches, and shopping.


Look how far my little car has driven!! It had an entire 12km on it when I bought it just over 5 years ago. Also, I think I need to dust the inside of the car, looking closely at this photo. We’ll just ignore that.


Car Odometer


Possibly the week felt so slow for me is that I was a bit sick on Monday. I woke up feeling blah and got ready for work anyway, then when I was waiting at the bus stop I thought “oh hell no” at the thought of the bus jolting my sick stomach. So, I turned around and went home. I spent all of the morning in bed. And my dog joined me for some of it:


Vala and I


Thankfully I felt better by mid-afternoon. I took myself for a walk on the beach just to get out of the house:

Beach Walk


I should probably come up with a new name, but Stalker Bag seems to be sticking. Finally got to put it to use this week and I’m loving it:

Stalker Bag in Use


I was tagged in one of those “what I’m doing now” Instagram shares, and this is what I was doing; unloading the fortnightly grocery shopping. So glamourous.

Grocery Shopping


Yesterday was a public holiday for my day job because of G20, but not a public holiday where I live. So I had the 9-5er’s dream of a day off where I could actually get errands done!! First stop was a tip shop that is favoured by the “trash to treasure” and semi-retired handyman types. It’s only open on a Friday and Saturday, so it’s rare I get to go on the day before all the good stuff is gone.


One thing was new from last time, they sell wedding dressed at $100 or $150 a pop now. I don’t know if these are sourced elsewhere or actually thrown out like the rest of the things that are in the tip shop. And as you may guess from the name, it is literally at a tip. Just a shed next to it that has been set up for things that are of saleable quality. So you could buy a wedding dress with whiffs of waste blowing at you at the same time. Um, romantic?

Wedding Dresses at Tip Shop


While waiting to speak to someone at the local hospital, I was staring at their display of old medical instruments and saw this half-horse trophy:

Half a horse


My reading pile has grown. Since I’m rarely around when the local library is actually open, I’ve taken to reserving items online and just running in to collect them. Totally worth the 65c per book I pay for that service! As you can see, my books by bloggers pile has successfully grown:

Reading Pile


And then after all the running around yesterday, we didn’t know what to do for dinner. Pizza at the beach it was.

Pizza at the Beach

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  1. Wish I had time to read stuff hehehe, and I do the same thing with my car km milestones heheeh 🙂

    1. I’m already getting notifications that they’re due back and I’ve read one of those books haha.

  2. Yes…that book pile!! I would love to lose myself in a book right now.

    1. I just need the time to read them now.

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