LaughLink: Spam Again

Laugh Link Spam Again

Aksimet decided to go a bit wonky on me last week, so I resorted to checking my spam folder manually, in case any comments were lost in there. Of course, this does tend to bring up some absolute gems in terms of spam comments.

Laugh Link Spam Again


I actually think this is great advice. What I think they’re saying is that a model shouldn’t wear a dryer as hiking footwear. Pretty sound, really.

Funny Spam Comment


Ooh, that’s a bit tiny. Basically they’re saying that ugg earmuffs shouldn’t be used in intimate plays. Again, sound advice. Though maybe if you live in a sharehouse and your housemates are being intimate, ugg earmuffs would be a good thing to have…

Funny Spam Comment



I am not sure what a dry ship is (dry dock?) but it doesn’t sound like a place for an individual, even short term.

Funny Spam Comment


What’s the best spam comment you’ve received recently?
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12 Replies to “LaughLink: Spam Again”

  1. Oh, mine all seems to be about shoes and winter and hiking. Or it’s in chinese or similar and I have no idea what it says. And – it’s coming in thick and fast!

    I prefer receiving stuff that makes (at least) a little sense or tells me how wonderful I am before trying to sell me something!


    1. Haha I love the ones that tell me the blog is “so great”.

  2. My spam is always about how good a writer I am. I once had one comment that asked me if I did pipes? Not sure what that meant!!

    1. If you wrote pipes? Weird one!

  3. Just found this one especially for you…
    “But the children showed no sign of recovery, leading to Han’s “collapse” on November 22 last year. After giving her sons water laced with sleeping pills, Han allegedly drowned them in a bathtub before drinking pesticide to kill herself.”

    1. So long as it wasn’t Han Solo lol. What a great one!

  4. This one was posted onto a blog on patching a bathroom ceiling and designing the perfect kids’ I-Spy game to print for the car.
    : “One has to be very careful using Bloodroot as it can damage the skin. All the pros and cons must be taken into consideration before skin tag removal. In a couple days, the skin tag should turn black and fall off because of the lack of blood supply. Feel free to visit my webpage … skin tags on neck on Ceiling’s the Limit

    Bloodroot? skin tags? neither where on my downloadable I-Spy chart.

    1. Ew, that’s a bit too random!

  5. Oh, mine are all about ‘I really like the true and amazing content of your website lady’ type stuff. Yours sound far more interesting! It’s the keywords people use to land on my blog that bother me more. Today’s gem? ‘girl hump pillow’ – wtf??

    1. Haha maybe they thought you sold some special kind of pillow?

  6. Jesus H Christ, I actually had one tell me the other day that my writing wasn’t very good. WTF.

    1. Geez, you’d think spammers would be sucking up, not being mean.

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