WIN: Organisation Pack

Win one of three Organisation Packs!

Time clicked over to December yesterday. Somehow another year has gone by. Very soon, people start to go on holidays, catch up with family and friends. Then the new year comes around with all the goals that get set (and forgotten). It’s a busy time of year. I thought I would help you out by offering you the chance to win one of three organisation packs.

Win one of three Organisation Packs!


Excited? Yay!! Who doesn’t love some funky stationery? I don’t know about you, but as much as I love technology, I just work better with pen and paper.


WIN!! Organisation Pack


How Do I Enter?

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  2. Tell me your most creative organisation tip


Competition Rules:

  • Game of skill. Change plays no part.
  • The three most creative organisation tips will win one organisation pack.
  • Must subscribe to the 26 Years and Counting newsletter to be eligible to win.
  • Competition closes at 11.59pm Friday 5th December 2014. Winners must provide a postal address when requested.
  • Open to Australian residents only.
  • Not redeemable for cash.


FYI: As on all competition posts, I don’t reply to comments so as to avoid bias. 


19 Replies to “WIN: Organisation Pack”

  1. I am one of the most disorganised people. I really have to work at being organised and don’t get very creative. The thing that works best for me is having systems in place for EVERYTHING.

  2. Love stationery and am truly one of the most disorganised people ever in existence! #teamIBOT

  3. I usually use colour coding to organise my files. That way, I know which items need to be worked on first.

  4. I like to tidy up regularly throughout the day and hop, jump and skip between rooms. It kills 3 birds with one stone – keeps my house organised, keeps me moving and entertains the kids all at the same time!

  5. When it comes to cleaning I clean as I go. When I’m making tea I wash and put away while waiting for the stove to heat, I fold the clothes as I get them off the line so they don’t get the chance to sit in the basket for a day or two. It’s efficient and it saves time

  6. I put little magnets under my eyeshadow, foundation etc and put them all on a magnetic board. You can also adhere pots for brushes etc. It’s great as it’s all in front of you!

  7. I’m a list maker, lists for everything to do lists, shopping lists, I just love lists! If it’s on the list it gets done.

  8. I love stationary so much. It hurts my feelings we don’t have a really good stationary shop in my town. 🙁

  9. I store my sheet sets by folding the fitted sheet, flat sheet and 1 pillowcase all inside the second pillowcase. It keeps all the sheet sets together and the linen closet organized.

  10. a traditionalist when it comes to organisation..a pen and paper never fails

  11. Kelly-Anne Leddy says: Reply

    I buy a calendar and diary and every little thing goes in the diary and calendar even if its just a simple thing that will require me to go somewhere – this way everyone in the family can see what is happening sometimes months in advance but I also carry the diary around so if I run into someone I can make plans on the spot without having to check the calendar at home

  12. After making my to-do list, I quickly number by priority (to stop me putting off the important stuff in favour of, say, painting my nails), then draw lines to join up the ones I can combine (eg take stuff to charity shop, buy stamps and pick up dinner). They still get ticked off as three things, though 🙂

  13. Jennifer Robertson says: Reply

    After facing problems such as never remembering how much pasta to cook or using cornflour instead of icing sugar I have instigated the use of handwritten notes in my storage containers. My cake hasn’t tasted chalky ever since.

  14. Hello, I do love nice nice stationary, and always buy good calendars. My tip for organizing my week is to have a schedule on my calendar and I use different colour makers for jobs , Red = must be done by today, green = can be done tomorrow, yellow=when I get around to it, like my ironing pile is yellow.

  15. I’m far from naturally organised- that’s for sure! My tip is to give my 3 year old permission to remind me over and over about an area of organisation. At the moment it’s keeping the bench tidy. He loves reminding me, and with a few deep breaths I remember to pop things in their right places!

  16. With 4 little ones, my attempts at organisation are sometimes thrown out of the window – especially when it comes to trying to keep their toy area tidy. So I like to go all Mary Poppins and turn it into a game: ‘And snap, the job’s a game’ 😉

  17. I painted a blackboard wall in my kitchen- it’s a fun and handy way to keep track of my to-do’s!

  18. My most creative orginastion tip is to make everything colourful and pretty so that it’s not a bore to work with. This tip helps me to keep track of a lot of stuff!

  19. I need to do lists for everything or I may just forget due to a combination of baby/mummy brain. Write it down, cross it off & happy dance that the list is shrinking.

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