Shopping For The Soul

the notebook of random crap from typo

It’s no secret I’ve been blah recently. Yesterday on the way to work I decided that Typo will help me feel better. Not sponsored, I’m just a sucker for cheap stationery. The notebooks were 3 for $10. And look at the covers, it’s like they were destined for me!!


skull notebook from typo
In honour of the last subject I took as an undergrad, where I studied skulls.


the notebook of random crap from typo
Because, well, that explains my brain…


Never stop travelling notebook from typo
Because I miss travelling so very much. And my travel blog is so very lonely.


Then I came across this little coin purse for $5 – the reasons for its perfection need not be explained:

true happiness is discovering free wifi from typo


Be Strong I whispered to my wifi signal from Typo


What are you a sucker for buying?


2 Replies to “Shopping For The Soul”

  1. I’m with you on buying the pretty stationery. In fact my husband has banned me from kikki.K.
    For general cheer ups I like magazines, chocolate and of course, vintage crockery.

  2. I like shoes – not expensive ones, just like to own them in lots of colours

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