I weigh over 100kg

I weigh over 100kg

Who knew?


Monday night I went to a new late night GP clinic & had that small intake by the nurse. Weight, height, BP, heart rate etc. The usual.


I think the scales tipped at 113kg.


I don’t always know I’m fat. I think that sounds stupid to write. But it’s true. I think it’s because the weight has been a long, slow gain, as opposed to…well as opposed to I don’t know what. I’m not a doctor. It’s just logical to assume that there’s something out there that would cause people to put on weight quickly. 


I don’t own scales, so that’s probably why I didn’t know what I weighed.


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I debated what to blog about this. Weight is such a touchy topic. I don’t equate it with being ugly. I don’t equate it with being stupid. And yes, I have heard overweight being equated with being stupid.


If you say online that you need to lose weight, everyone seems to presume you have low self confidence and tells you that you’re beautiful as you are. Yes, I know. I don’t have low self confidence. I think too much, but that’s another topic entirely.


I don’t like being overweight. I do need to lose weight. I hate weight loss/diet plans, smoothies and meal replacements. I like reality, not quick fixes.


I weigh over 100kg


Basically, I think I need to find an activity that I actually enjoy doing, that is easy to fit in around a full time job, blogging and a long commute. Yeah, I have a lot on my plate. But they are real factors in my life.


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And I kind of don’t feel like I shouldn’t ask for advice, because I usually end up feeling resentful when people offer me basic advice like “move” or “don’t blog” …geez, you don’t think I’ve thought of that? I know, I’m not really being friendly here. But these factors that I have that others don’t; where I live and my after work activities, are just non-negotiable in my life. I have to have them. My life looks unimaginably bland without them. They are part of the lifestyle I am choosing because they make me happy. Every up side has a downside. I’m looking for ideas that work with me, not against me.


I’m still a member of a gym that I haven’t been to in a year. I guess my first step would be to try going back there and seeing how I go. I’m not into classes, and most aren’t on at times I can get there anyway. I used to like it when I was there, I just found it hard to go there.


What exercise do you do? What’s fun and easy to keep doing?


6 Replies to “I weigh over 100kg”

  1. Oh, I wish I had the answers! I have yet to find an activity that I can commit to regularly in a bid to shake off the excess. The Hungry Dad recently bought an ugly spin bike that sits in the living room and I do find myself using that most nights – hating every second, I might add. What gets me going is watching the calories burn as I pedal but I really need to spend waaaay longer on the bike than I do. Good luck.

  2. I had a good run with weight loss last year and the thing that helped the most was keeping a food diary, and keeping an eye on my portion sizes. I was doing a lot of mindless snacking. They were all healthy snacks, but at the end of monitoring myself for a week I discovered that I was eating at least an extra third of my day that could be cut out and I wasn’t actually hungry without it. I didn’t do any extra exercise, my dog isn’t impressed with that… For me it was a health issue. The extra weight on my neck was obstructing my ability to breathe while I was sleeping, and per Calender year Medicare will give you 5 sessions with a dietitian for free if you have a referral from your GP. She made me keep a food diary and gave me good constructive feedback that was really common sense, but clearly I needed to be told.

  3. I’m heading to my GP today to ask about the weight loss clinic they have with one of their nurses. I currently have no idea what my exact weight is because I’m too heavy for my scales.
    I don’t have any great suggestions for you. Is your new work near somewhere that you could go for a walk during your lunch hour without it being a hassle?

  4. Boy, do I hear you. Bit awkward when you weigh more now than you did directly *after* you gave birth to your daughter nearly six months ago. Oops.

    I’m not into exercise other than walking (and to be honest, as a single parent, I get no time to do so anyway!), so I’m turning to what I eat (which, really, IS the main culprit). I’m currently experimenting with trying to reduce – not eliminate – my carbohydrate intake.

  5. I think the trick is to find something you love that doesn’t “feel” like exercise. I enjoy boxing, yoga and Zumba – wish I could say I am doing all three at the moment but I certainly am not. Brisbane council has an awesome active parks program, which runs free exercise classes – good chance to try a few things out. I do think weight is just a number – it’s how you feel in your own skin and clothes that counts. Good Luck!

  6. I was 110kg when I started Weight Watchers 2 years ago. I think I’m probably back up there – like you, I don’t have scales at home. I’m walking, exercise biking and trialling a gym.
    Good luck!

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