Lessons In Acceptance

lessons in acceptance

As I’ve written about, December had some hard decisions for me. Namely, putting my Masters in Communications on hold. I cannot tell you how hard it was to accept that I wasn’t learning, wasn’t engaged & that it was just another stressor in my life.


But you know what else happened when I gave myself permission to accept that studying wasn’t working for me right now? I felt relieved. So relieved. I love studying. I didn’t want to accept that it was causing me stress, let alone that I was failing at it.


lessons in acceptance


Fast forward slightly to New Year’s Day & I was sitting at the beach, writing blog posts by hand. Out of nowhere, I started feeling guilty that all I’ve been able to eat for breakfast for a few days were muesli bars. On the healthier range of the scales, but still not a balanced breakfast.


I caught myself pretty quickly on that one. Who gives a shit that I ate muesli bars for a few days in a row? Surely it’s better than not eating breakfast at all?


It’s not perfect, but it kept me going & fuelled my body. It was easy to grab one and do things like get outside.


I had to accept that it was right for me at that time.


Acceptance is hard. Because to know that you’re doing it, you have admit something possibly negative to yourself. And you also have to make sure you don’t use acceptance as a crutch to create a bad habit.


For me, a few muesli bars were what I needed. And that’s ok. Remember, this is #2015TheYearOfMe.


What are your tips for making sure you have acceptance of yourself in your life?


#2015TheYearOfMe is about putting yourself first. You can read the post that started it here, or read all the posts here. Use the hashtag across social media to share how you’re making 2015 a year of YOU!

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