Remembering to Take Care

remembering to take care

Like many people, This week was my first back at work. Plus it was in a new job, so that always throws spanners in the works.


Honestly, it has been a bit of a shit week. My new job is in an awkward place when it comes to commuting, so I’m trying to rent a parking space somewhere closer to make it easier. But these things take time, so until then, I’ve been trying out different ways to commute each day until I find the one that works the best.


remembering to take care


I’ve had a bad cough off and on for a few weeks that felt bad enough last Sunday for me to call around doctors clinics. Naturally they were all booked up. Finally got into one on Monday night and after a long wait (the clinic is still finding its feet) I was told my lungs sounded squelchy. Or something like that. 


Either way, I’ve been starting my new job under less than ideal circumstances. But hey, what gets thrown at you gets thrown at you.


One of the things I’m trying to do this year is remember to take care of myself. It’s the reason I started #2015TheYearOfMe. As my first week back at work comes to a close; how have I done? Eh. So-so. Monday night I was home, ate, at the doctors (then pharmacy) and then binge-watched 30 Rock. Tuesday I had been paid for the first time in a month so I went grocery shopping – which is pretty exhausting when you can’t breathe properly. By the time I had made it through Wednesday (that went SLOW) I knew I had stretched myself too thin. Thursday was spent in bed. Today I’m attempting work again – fingers crossed I can make it through a whole day!


I started #2015TheYearOfMe so that I could prioritise taking care of myself. And I start 2015 by being fairly sick…irony loves me. I think my biggest self care achievement was actually spending most of yesterday in bed, reading. I’m not that good at sitting still but I managed it.


How do you take care of yourself when you need to heal? More importantly, how do you sit still?! 


#2015TheYearOfMe is about putting yourself first. You can read the post that started it here, or read all the posts here. Use the hashtag across social media to share how you’re making 2015 a year of YOU!


3 Replies to “Remembering to Take Care”

  1. Sounds like a rough first week! Hope you’re feeling better soon.

    I’m not very good at sitting still either, there’s always something that needs to be done. But a good TV marathon works for me 🙂 Rest up!

  2. Oh no! I’m exactly the same as you and keep going and going when I’m sick until I collapse in a heap (and probably end up being sick for way longer than if I’d taken it easier earlier!). I hope 2015 looks up for you very soon! xx

  3. I’m not the person to ask for advice on this. I tend to push my body to its limits until I am forced (usually by hubby and my mum) to look after myself, to stop and rest, to heal and get better. I must remember that if I am no good, I’m no good to anyone else. I hope you feel better soon.

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