What I Loved: Launch Week Edition

Who knew a four day work week could be so exhausting!? In case you’ve missed pretty much every social media status update I’ve posted today, my new blog, Bloggers and Bacon: bite sized blogging tips with your breakfast went live this morning. It has already exceeded my dream goal of first day views and is still growing. Not bad! I’m ready for another weekend to get over this week and weekend’s level of busy though.


What I Loved: Launch Week Edition


seafood pack


Seafood plate from a local take away on Monday night – we were both tired and really wanted a lazy dinner so we shared this. It was ok, but we are pretty spoiled for choice in terms of seafood (seeing as we live by the beach) so while there was nothing at all wrong with it, I probably won’t go back because I just know of nicer and fresher!


#2015TheYearOfMe Challenge 1

My first #2015TheYearOfMe weekly challenge went live. A new challenge will be up every Monday – I have quite a few ideas but if you have an idea you’re more than welcome to shoot it through to me and I will credit you in the blog post/picture. My email is vanessa {at} 26yearsandcounting {dot} com.


late night bunnings

A certain 4 legged household member has decided to become an escape artist, so this week involved a late night trip to Bunnings to get a temporary fix going on the fence until we can work out the best permanent fix. Bad part of Bunnings at night: no sausage sizzle. Good part: no people. Like one other customer and staff. Perfect time to visit, in my view.


bunnings light sabre

While we were at Bunnings I discovered these traffic wands and thought they would make an excelled Jedi costume accessory. I know, they’re not in the traditional colours, but overall it would be a decent prop for a decent price.


rice paper rolls

Friday night I came home to rice paper rolls. I love these things. I love kewpie mayo and I love wasabi kewpie mayo. Yeah, I know, I still need a kewpie mayo intervention.


are you girlfriend material

Ben took this Buzzfeed quiz and learned that he’s actually not a good girlfriend.


2015TheYearOfMe beach

I completed my own first weekly challenge for #2015TheYearOfMe – though I spent time at the beach instead of a park.


giant juice mocktail

Last, but not least, I mocktailed it up Saturday night. This is basically my Pina Colada for Cheapskates recipe, minus the alcohol.


What did you love this week?


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