Pina Colada for Cheapskates

Pina Colada for Cheapskates

It’s only in the past year that I’ve found drinks I enjoy. Such as the Something On The Somewhere cocktail. Then I tried Pina Coladas. Yum. The problem is I don’t drink often enough to keep fresh ingredients on hand, so to make it cheaper and to save on waste, I started to experiment with a cheaper way of making Pina Coladas.


So many Pina Colada recipes have things like cream and ice in them, then using a blender…ain’t nobody got time for that!


You’ll need the following items:

  • Pine Coconut juice
  • Pine Mango juice
  • White Rum
  • Glass to drink from
  • Shot glass to measure

Pina Colada for Cheapskates


Now, ideally I would replace the pine mango with plain pineapple juice. But for some reason Golden Circle are a bit weird and the pineapple juice costs more – and when the rest of the juices go on sale, the pineapple never does! And since this is the Pina Colada For Cheapskates, this was my solution.


I’m also not a huge coconut fan – I like it subtly but not a lot. I first tried making this with just the rum and the pine coconut juice but the coconut flavour was too strong. So here’s my solution.


The Pina Colada For Cheapskates

  1. Pour one shot of white rum into a glass
  2. Pour one shot of pine coconut in
  3. Fill with pine mango juice


How much you fill with pine mango juice in step three is totally up to you and how strong your like your drinks. And obviously you can make it bigger or small by doubling or halving the shots to suit.


To make this a mocktail, simply omit the white rum!


Do you have a quick cocktail tip?

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  1. YUMMO – I got addicted to these when I went to Fiji with my parents when I was 18 – very fattening but very NOICE!

    1. SO nice haha.

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