To Combine Or Not To Combine?

To Combine or Not To Combine?

Today I’d really love to get your opinion on something. It’s about combining blogs.


I write about pretty much everything here on this blog. Ever since I stopped with the idea of being niche, and just started writing, I’ve been happier and it just suits me (no matter what the best advice in the world is about being niche). I like lots of things, so I blog about lots of things. That’s kind of the way it is for me!


To Combine or Not To Combine?


I have a travel blog, Suitcase Scribbles, and I’ve wondered for a long time now if I should just combine it with this blog. It would have its own category so you could find the posts easily.


My biggest hesitation is that I love the name and don’t really want to give it up.


I have little issue giving up the social media channels, because I don’t use them often and have already left notes in the Instagram profile for Suitcase Scribbles to follow me via this blogs Instagram because I don’t use that one at all. (And wow, that is the worst paragraph in the history of writing.)


I also pay for two sets of hosting, which probably isn’t necessary for someone who doesn’t often get to travel, despite their love for travel. And I barely update the travel blog anyway, despite the amount of local festivals and things I go to. Sometimes I just write about them here anyway.


What would you do? Have you ever given up a URL that you love?


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  1. I’m in the camp that believes personal bloggers should use their names – you are the brand, so to speak…

    But I understand that some people have privacy issues that prevent them from doing that….

    Of your two sites, I actually like the name Suitcase Scribbles more than 26 Years… but you’re know as 26 years on social media…

    Tough one…. I don’t have an answer…

    1. In the long run I have thought about rebranding this site into my own name with a redesign (both probably at least a year off though). But having a generic surname like Smith makes it a lot harder to get your url & name the same across social media, so I will probably end up leaving it as is. I never really thought about the name of this blog when I created it as it was for very different reasons that I started it!

      I do have a “for now” content strategy that I need to sit down and put in place for Suitcase Scribbles that would keep it “ticking along”. I also forgot to say in the blog post that my Pinterest account for Suitcase Scribbles does pretty well too (especially for the limited amount of time I put into it) so that’s one more thing I would be hesitant to give up.

      I guess I’m just going to have to travel more to justify it. Damn! 🙂 I don’t like not traveling, it’s just that the past 5 years have had their obstacles.

  2. Hmm it’s a tough one. I guess it depends on what you want to achieve with both blogs. I do like the name Suitcase Scribbles I must admit. Maybe think about it some more. I wouldn’t combine them if you’re not feeling that it’s definitely the right thing to do. Sorry that wasn’t much help was it!

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      I probably just need to sit on it until my life is back in a place where I can travel. I love the name and that has been my biggest reason not to give it up.

  3. I am actually in the process of going the opposite way and splitting my very general blog into a food blog and a personal blog. It is going to increase my workload but hopefully improve the marketability of the food one- not that I want to sell out but doing regular food/wine reviews all out of my own pocket is a bit tough. I wouldn’t mind a hint of sponsorship:)
    Australia is very niche-driven (moreso that other countries) in all aspects from employment to blogging. Unfortunate but true.

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      That’s interesting! I know the market for blogs is very niche driven, but I’m just not sure that’s me. Good luck with the blog splitting (if that’s a term!)

    2. When it comes to splitting your blog, why double your workload? I would run the food blog, but sit a personal blog inside it. It’s a lot easier to “sell” a food blog, but you still get to write about the things you love. Just my 2c worth, sorry to butt in!! x

      1. I guess if they’ve got a plan and the time and money, why not? My line of thinking recently has been towards one name/brand/blog for something that won’t scale into an empire (something with staff, something you might sell in the future). If you do want to build an empire, then splitting makes sense.

      2. I really value your opinion- thank you 🙂
        Problem is that I am moving towards working in the wine industry and want to use the specific food/wine blog as a bit of a portfolio. I am not trying to build an empire. I don’t like reading the conglomerate blogs so I will never write one. What I’m worried about is showing my blog to food industry people who might not want a rant on cancer awareness served up next to their cheesecake with rhubarb compote.
        I have no money but I’ve spent a lot of my life working for free (acting and production management) at least this is all for me.
        I’m also worried about future employment if I direct people to a blog that discusses health and all the rest. Of course they can find it anyway but they would at least have to look at Google. Thoughts?

  4. Always a tough question but you could have a section on your personal blog about travel. Especially if you aren’t travelling often.

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      I’d like to be traveling often though haha

  5. Coming from my totally amateur perspective, I would lean towards combining, picking one name and rebranding. One identity, one brand, one set of social media. It seems easier from that point of view but as someone already mentioned, it really depends on your long term vision for the blog/s.

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      Yeah two sets of social media channels doesn’t really work!

  6. Just pick one that you can focus on!! However, you know you know the answer in your heart/gut – GO WITH THAT!

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      What’s the focus thing you speak of? 🙂 I’ve never had it!

  7. It is hard but with my two blogs it was a no brainer because they were so totally different. I think it depends on what you want to achieve with them too as well as the audiences….are they the same type of people?

    1. The more I think about my audiences the more I see overlap, but not necessarily the same goals though.

  8. I think “suitcase scribbles” encompasses so much more than just travel, so if you love it, combine both of your blogs and rebrand to that. “Suitcase Scribbles by / of Vanessa Smith” should allow you to being both social media identities together nicely. I think you’ve been “counting” for long enough past 26? Still, only you can really decide this one. Your willingness to hang on to a blog domain for the name alone makes me think that your gut has already made the decision for you??? x

    1. I’ll be counting up to 30 next year 🙂 This blog was started on a whim so that I could teach myself wordpress and I never expected it to go as far as it has!

  9. Big question! I think you should combine but that’s my time management fairy talking 🙂
    Toss a coin and when it’s in the air you’ll know what your heart desires? 😉

    1. Very wise 🙂 Also, now I want to watch the ending of JAG again.

  10. I’d combine. It seems so much effort to do two blogs and I reckon that as personal bloggers are their brand, then it doesn’t matter what topics they write about.

    1. The scary truth is that I also have another two websites I haven’t even mentioned in this post.

  11. If you’re thinking about it enough to blog it, you’re halfway there. Suitcase Scribbles is a very cool name, I can understand why you don’t want to part from it. But maybe you vs. use it in another way? A work of fiction perhaps? And just because you combine doesn’t mean you have to part with your url. Keep it. You never know what opportunities will come up in the future.

    1. I guess in the end the question is coming down to personal brand vs a named brand. It’s a hard one to make. This blog and my other online activities (two other websites) would be easy to combine into one personal brand.

  12. It’s a hard one! I’m leaning towards what Bron said about combining the two but having them on Suitcase Scribbles. I think that you could definitely include your random stuff on that.

    1. Every time I think I’ve made a decision I think of a reason to go the opposite way! I’ve been mulling it over for a little while and everyone’s views here have helped a great deal.

  13. It really depends on what your blog directions are going to take….if you were to travel and share your travel stories then two blogs make sense.
    But if you want to write about anything and everything maybe combine the two but with a new name/new image/new url and direct both blogs to that?
    I guess deep within you will know what will suit in the long run 🙂

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      I think I do know now…but I have a habit of changing my mind haha. It has been really really useful to hear everyone’s opinions here!

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