#2015TheYearOfMe Weekly Challenge 4

#2015TheYearOfMe Weekly Challenge 4

Last week’s challenge was an utter failure for me – of course on the week I make the challenge all about physical movement, I get incredibly run down and spend two days in bed. Because Murphy’s Law loves me! How did you go?


#2015TheYearOfMe Weekly Challenge 4


I’m going with a less physically demanding one this week! Take some time to literally smell the flowers.


And…if you’re weird with what makes you sneeze like me, just put some antihistamines in your back pocket while you do it 🙂


#2015TheYearOfMe Weekly Challenge 4



If you don’t have any flowers in your yard or where you normally walk during a day, then take some time to scope out where you can see flowers! If you are a huge fan of flowers, maybe buy yourself a bunch, or enjoy any leftovers from Valentines Day (if you celebrate it).


#2015TheYearOfMe is about putting yourself first. You can read the post that started it here, or read all the posts here. Use the hashtag across social media to share how you’re making 2015 a year of YOU!


8 Replies to “#2015TheYearOfMe Weekly Challenge 4”

  1. Something i need to stop and do a little more often, life just gets so busy and we forget to slow down and take in this beautiful place we live in!

    1. Yes, it’s so nice when you can take the time to do the little things!

  2. My little dude loves to smell plants (not just flowers) so this is something I do often!

    1. Excellent, Amy!

  3. I love this idea! I will go and start at the beginning now and see what you have been up to. Beth.

    1. Enjoy, Beth!

  4. My tulips from Valentines Day are unfortunately withered but this is a great excuse to buy another bunch 🙂 I always love picking the ones on sale, I feel like I’m saving them from being mulched 🙂

    1. And if they’re on sale, it’s hard to say no!

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