Life, Updated

Life Updated

Why is it so hard to blog when you’ve broken routine? It’s like the flow has gone & it’s really hard to restart. That’s how I feel right now.


Speaking of restarting, 2015 has flown by. How can it be mid April already? All I wanted for 2015 was some quiet stability & I’ve gotten the complete opposite. Which has its good & bad sides. I’m used to change, at least! But even so, it would be nice not to have so much of it.


This week has been mammoth. I ruined my laptop on the weekend; apparently MacBook Airs don’t survive 500mls of water landing on them. I took it into the Apple store & the quote for fixing it was $1100…a new Air starts at $1200. Hmm. Sadly, I don’t have a grand sitting around for a new laptop. We do have a desktop though, so while I’m not screwed as such I miss my laptop. 


I’m writing this on my mid-2009 MacBook Pro – frankly we keep it around as a DVD player only, and any time I open the lid I’m surprised it turns on. The battery doesn’t even work any more! If you ask it to save something, it has to stop and think for ages. So it’s an option, but frankly a shitty option.


Life Updated


On Wednesday I had a mammoth 5 hours and 15 mins of interviews. Insert exclamation here. That was utterly exhausting. Possibly the most exhausting thing I’ve ever done.


The good news is that I’m off to sign a contract today for my new job.


Yay! There might be some short term pain as it’s less money & hours than I’m used to (for now, at least) but there’s a lot of potential in the role & the company. And, what I’m really excited about is that it’s NOT in the city. Years of city commuting have worn me down & it will be so nice to not do that any more. Maybe one day I’ll be able to view going to Brisbane’s CBD as something other than a chore.


The good news is that I should have more time to dedicate to the books & courses I have planned (and any freelancing that comes my way) via Bloggers And Bacon – which I’ve also largely neglected.


It’s hard to blog and look for work at the same time. Looking for work & prepping for & attending interviews is a full time job in itself. But I still have the blogger guilts when I neglect my blogs. Please tell me I’m not the only one! 


Especially that I neglected my #2015TheYearOfMe series as changes came on me; I hope to get some pre-written & scheduled because I was really loving that series. Though I have been trying to take my own advice; yesterday I spent time reading at the beach because my house felt very stuffy & I just needed space & air.



How spoiled am I that even in school holidays I can have a stretch of grass, overlooking the ocean at low tide, all to myself?! Love beachside living.


Anyway, that’s been me, recently, changes and busyness…here’s hoping for some calm soon! I could use calm.


What have I missed with you while I’ve been busy & self-absorbed?


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  1. I think the problem is the old “break the chain” trap. You get into a routine, but even missing one time to do something demotivatea you to get back into it. You think I’ve missed one session, two won’t do any harm… That’s me with gym this week!
    Again, congrats on the new job! But bummer about your laptop 🙁

  2. Hello! Nice to see you back 🙂 I’ve been a bit of a slacker too. I used to write 5 times a week at least but lately it’s been once or twice. I’ve been writing a novel you see and it’s sapping all my energy. Congrats on your new job!

  3. Woo hoo for the new job! Bugger about your laptop – technology is really quite disposable these days isn’t it! Nothing lasts!

    I hope you can get back into your routine and find a happy rhythm again, best of luck 🙂

  4. All the best for your new endeavors 🙂

  5. Hello! Congrats on the new job. No commute sounds divine.

  6. Can so relate to this post. I’ve been feeling the same about the time that has flown already and my grand plans falling by the wayside. I’m hoping to turn things around soon.

    Hope things improve quickly for you and best of luck with the new job.

  7. Congrats on the job! More time to focus on your endeavours actually sounds fantastic! Looking forward to reading from here on in. X

  8. Well yay for a new job!
    I know as soon as I break routine, I struggle with blogging. It’s like my brain just can’t cope with it all. Good call on just ignoring the guilt and relaxing. Obviously it helped.

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