I Remember Why I Hate Commuting

I swapped from a handbag to a backpack this morning to make it more comfortable to commute to work with my laptop – I’m trying to release my first eBook for Bloggers & Bacon this month & it needs ALL THE EDITS (actually, all the rewrites then all the edits)! Also, hint hint, go join the Bloggers and Bacon email list for launch sale. Anyway, needing to get that all done means carrying my laptop every day so I can get work done in every spare moment.


Unfortunately today there were train delays that meant an overcrowded train and no space to pull out my laptop. No worries, that’s what my headphones & iPhone are for.


I was breathing steam & waiting for the train to show up when I realised I hadn’t moved any packs of tissues from my handbag to my backpack. Damn! I’m not sick any more but I do need to have them on me because I am congested & I do get allergies.


I got on the already crowded train at the second stop and went for the first seat I could see.


I bumped the person next to me slightly as I sat down. It happens. We both take up just a small bit OVER the width of a seat.


A BIG HUFF was let out.


Meh, I’m hardly the happiest commuter either. It’s all good.


But then came the smallest but most painful part of a busy train & a bad commuter; you know when someone sits down next to you and you’re both overweight, it requires some juggling or a small adjustment to how you’re sitting for you both to be comfortable.




This woman kept both of her shoulders as far back as possible, squishing me sideways into the divider and twisting my shoulder for the entire trip to the city.


And that happens. I sucks and it’s uncomfortable and normally I would stand up if I could but there was no space.


But then, every time I sniffed slightly, I would get tutted at AND head shaken at me. OH THE FUCKING SHAME LET ME RUN AWAY CRYING.


My least finest hour occoured when I started tutting back at her. And head shaking back her.


This woman really got under my skin!


And now I remember why I hate commuting…it brings out the worst in me.


Have you had any not-so-fine moments recently?


6 Replies to “I Remember Why I Hate Commuting”

  1. I think I hate driving to work and all the BAD DRIVERS and use your blinker you moron and traffic everywhere and cars parked in the clearway coz #entitled and where the hell am I going to park…. and then I remember the many MANY years I spent commuting and I think – I can handle the drive.

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      Yes! I get to drive some days of the week and even with drivers that are too lazy to stretch one finger and use a blinker (seriously, I am lazy and even I can do that) it’s still nicer than trains or buses!

  2. I have been whinging about my driving commute (which can last up to an hour each way) lately and wishing I could take the train. You’ve reminded me why the grass isn’t always greener! I guess the silver lining is that I only have to deal with one commute-mate. (However, she is nearly 2-years-old and goes through the entire range of emotions in one trip!)

    I’d love to work from home…Maybe one day. 🙂

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      One day… I know!! 🙂

  3. Ah, my least favourite type of seatmate – the huffy pusher. There really is nothing you can do except wish bad karma on them.
    These days I just pray for a skinny person. I know it’s wrong, but it makes the ride so much easier!

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      Public transport is every woman or man for themselves!

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