#2015TheYearOfMe Challenge 15

Take A Nap

*coughs* …Last week was actually challenge 14. Apparently I did two challenge 13’s. This is why you probably shouldn’t blog when you’re exhausted. Brains can’t count by ones it seems.


How did you go with last week’s challenge? I didn’t end up getting a massage because by the end of Saturday I had worked 11 of the previous 12 days and all I could think about was going home!! I actually feel like I could go one today but it’s a public holiday so I don’t think anything is open.


This week may not be a challenge for some of you but it’s something I find it really hard to do:


#2015TheYearOfMe – Take A Nap


Take A Nap


I am not a napper. The only time I can usually sleep during the day is when I’m sick. But I think there’s a lot to be gained from napping – or even trying to nap. If you have the space in your day to actually take a few moments and chill out, surely that has to be good for you.


If you’re already an expert napper, then hey, free pass this week!


Are you a napper? Can you take a nap anywhere? 


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  1. I became a sort-of-napper when I got pregnant. I got really serious about the new role when I had my son. Naps keep me going when are sick. BUT sometimes they make me feel like I got nothing done with the day. AT least I made it through another one. haha! I cannot nap anywhere. I’m quite picky!

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