Winners: Oz Comic-Con Melbourne

Happy Thursday!


I’m very pleased to announce the winners of the Oz Comic-Con Melbourne ticket give away!


Drum roll please!!


Aaaannd the winners are:



Bec, who entered with great nerd enthusiasm:

OMG! *struggles to think of proper answer* *fails* *shoots for the mum-empowering-sons angle*:

“Emma Caulfield because her character in Buffy was an exemplary role model for how women everywhere should demand to be treated and I want my sons to learn from her firsthand.” *scores!!!??*


Sharnee, because evilness always wins me over:

I want to meet Bruce Campbell!
So many of his movies throughout my teenage years influenced my love of dodgy horror! And even though my kids aren’t old enough to watch them yet, I look forward to the day that I can make them sit through Army of Darkness and the Evil Dead *evil laughter*.

Ladies, I will email you with further details.

Thank you to everyone who entered and I hope you all go and have a wonderful time at Oz Comic-Con.

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  1. Woo hoo! So excited! Thank you!

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