What To Do On Days Your Resilience Is Low

What To Do On Days Your Resilience Is Low

The other week I had a long stint of terrible sleeps. This preceded the week of getting the flu, which preceded the week of sinus infection, which preceded the week of being sick of being sick. Ugh on the past month, seriously.


Earlier in the year my GP had suggested sleeping tablets for me when my health was low, but the problem is I need to drive soon after waking up in the morning so we decided together that tablets aren’t all that suitable for me (even if I was comfortable taking them, which I’m not sure I am).


What To Do On Days Your Resilience Is Low


I was aware I was becoming an increasingly cranky bitch (because I get that way when tired) and I wanted to do something about it. I knew I would be ok (if tired) so long as the day went well. But if the day was hard, I would be miserable, because, low resilience means things get to you more.


So I did what anyone would do, I Googled “what to do on days your Resilience is low”


And found only one useful link. Everything else was about building it up long term, blah blah.


Nope. I needed tips on what I could do today. Right now. To manage my day & make it work for me.


That article is good. However, it is aimed at people who work for themselves. And while there are ups and downsides to all types of income generating – I was feeling low on a day I have employment. Which means my freedom to go for a walk, hug my dog & nap is very limited.




So what to do?


I started a comfort cycle first, because I didn’t know where else to look.


My shoulders had been aching for a few days (presumably as I tossed & turned while looking for sleep). So I took some ibuprofen.


I was tired. I had heaps of water, green tea & my soft drink of choice.


I was hungry. I ate a small breakfast at home & then ate a treat (maple pecan pastry) just before I got to work.


Now, I know nutritious food helps a good mood but you don’t always have that around you or have it planned for. So things are relative. I was working with what I had around me & the time I started work.


These small things helped a bit and at least got me to work, where I could be distracted by other things and allow the day to continue.


Maybe a mini resilience kit is a good thing to have in your desk at work? Some things I would put in:

  • Painkillers
  • Chocolate
  • A heat pack
  • A funny book
  • Headphones


What would you put in a resilience kit? Do you have any tips on what you can do straight away on days your resilience is low? 


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  1. I keep in my purse a small stash of cash that will at least cover coffee and cake. Sometimes when I’m out now my little one will become unsettled. When she finally calls down, I need to calm down! I love the idea of a resilience kit! More than just lolly pops in the nappy bag. Clearly when I have issues it’s mental resilience.

    1. Enough to cover coffee and cake sounds like a good plan (for those who like coffee!)

  2. I like your resilience kit idea! I need this because I often have weeks like you have had where I can’t sleep. I have found taking magnesium at night before bed does help with sleep, and to calm my anxiety which many of women in my age group suffer from! 😉 x

    1. Oh I’ve taken magnesium before but not for that. Interesting.

  3. I need all the help I can get at the moment, so no tips or advice… just lots of support.

    1. A tad of cloning too?

  4. I like the idea of a mini resilience kit. For me, coffee and something sugary help in the short term {as you say, not ideal but needs must}, then I find that listening to a podcast or something similar generally helps to life my spirits. I’m fortunate that I commute to work via public transport, so can just plug the headphones in and drift off for a few minutes.


    1. The drifting off part is the part I like best about public transport commuting.

  5. Oh I can very much relate Vanessa and my sleep patterns are in a very bad state at the moment. It’s always a struggle (and takes a couple of hours) but I’ve had a lot nights recently when I’m still awake at 3am. Two nights ago I didn’t sleep at all. At all. I eventually got to sleep at about 6.30am. The next night was okay then last night it was after 4am.

    I’m lucky I’m not working but when I try to avoid sleep during the day (to help get tired enough to sleep the next night) I spend all day headachey and irritable. (Which I am today!)

    1. That’s the catch 22, isn’t it? Sleeping during the day can mess up the patterns.

  6. Chocolate. Definitely chocolate!

    1. Good chocolate, too 🙂

  7. Chocolate and coffee! And picking the easy wins – put off anything that’s too hard if you can. Avoid situations that may test your resilience if you can. Thanks for linking with #TeamIBOT 🙂

    1. Oh yes, easy wins are great and make you feel so good.

  8. I am hearing you at the moment, chocolate is keeping me going & being a bit more gentle with myself in a very hectic time. Sending you empathy & support.

  9. Something sweet, the beach, herbal tea, cuddles and support. Have been quite low lately and needed all of it and exercise.

  10. This is an awesome idea!
    I think something to treat yourself is good; whether that’s cash for a coffee you wouldn’t normally buy, or staling five minutes to read a book over lunch. Whatever it is you don’t normally do, but enjoy doing that will boost your spirits for a bit.

  11. I love the idea of a resiliance pack. Mine would include water, a good book, my ipod for music, a hot bath and a comfy bed.

  12. A great idea to have a little kit stashed in the back of your drawer – I’d include chocolate, coins for a decent coffee, and maybe some sort of a natural calming solution (some oils or something) that you could rub into your neck. I’ve also heard that running your hands under warm water helps too. (belated IBOT drop in)

  13. Love your idea of a resilience kit. It sounds silly but I’d add some gum – chewing gum seems to settle me down when I am tense!

  14. I really do like the idea of a mini resilience kit. Mine would have to have chocolate & music in it, at a minimum!

  15. I get what you mean, when so overtired that even the smallest problem becomes overwhelming. A couple a weeks ago at work (night fill) the fellow in charge upped me about chatting (wasn’t doing unless they were in the vacinity while I was working) and needing to hurry up twice in about 5 minutes and it was the straw that broke the camels back ending in tears. Once we hashed it out both of our stress and tiredness just made a kind of stressful situation worse but talking it out and realising we were both in the same boat, once I had calmed down actually worked a treat. Headphones sound awesome, with some good music to help block out the world and relax for a bit.

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